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Contrary to the myth that leaders must armor up with a persona of always being in control or all-knowing, inspired leadership requires courageous-vulnerability.  Do we have the courage to authentically show up, allow ourselves to truly be seen, take risks, ask for help, own our mistakes, learn from failure, lean into joy and support the people around us to do the same? 


Dare to Lead is About Being a Different Kind of Leader...Learn How!







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June 24, 2015



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When we commune and talk about what matters, we become better. When we open up our hearts to new possibility, hope rises. And, when we share our lessons and experiences, we become courageous. Welcome to

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Women Are from Venus, Men Are from Mars ...But We Are All Here on Earth! 


We are amazing beings, we women and men.  Yet, we are very different beings which complicates things a bit!  How we communicate affects the way we live, love, work, parent and lead.  Have we made progress...or enough progress? What are the issues that affect our careers, relationships and parenting?  This conversation is to talk about where we are now and where we still need to go. Do Not miss this! 


May 26, 2015


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I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a presentation on the GRACE Trail™ by Anne Jolles.  It was an 'experience' because it was thought provoking, moving, and inspirational and she passed on a gift that she asks that we pay it forward.  Use it, share it and let it change you by showing you how to create hope and move forward in the face of difficulties.  I loved what she shared and have asked her to be a guest on The Stiletto Dialogue this fall.  Do not miss that!  In the meantime, here is a taste of the GRACE Trail™.  It is the perfect time of the year for it. As spring ushers in renewal, new life and new beginnings, the GRACE Trail™ brings new hope and resiliency. 


The GRACE Trail™ was created as a way of managing Anne's fears while her son was in combat in Afghanistan.  She created a simple way to stay in or create inspiration, hope and resiliency when facing life challenges no matter what they were.  Using the acronym for GRACE, she was able to ask key questions to first identify gratitude and then move forward thoughtfully and with self care.  I am sure there were times where the inquiry was more difficult than others, but the questions consistently helped in moving her forward.  Her son is now home and safe, but she found that the GRACE process was one that not only help her at a time of emotional turmoil it was one that resonated with others. 


The GRACE Trail™ is an actual trail in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  GRACE is an acronym for Gratitude, Release, Accept, Challenge and Embrace.  Rocks with the letters G-R-A-C-E are located along the path.  At each stop the following questions are asked: 

  • GRATITUDE - What am I grateful for?
  • RELEASE - What can I release? Let go of?
  • ACCEPT - What is calling out for acceptance?
  • CHALLENGE - What is my next challenge?
  • EMBRACE - What can I embrace as possible?

The questions are intended to explore what we may not yet see and to move us to new possibilities.  The questions can be asked along a path or sitting at home.  GRACE is where you make it.  Take a moment and think of a challenge you are dealing with right now, walk through the question and see where you go.


Anne's goal is to inspire GRACE Trails™ all over the world.  I think it will happen!  I plan to create a small trail in my yard this year as part of the garden plan.  Are you thinking of a way to add a little GRACE into your life?  Learn more about GRACE Trail™ HERE and be sure to sign up for The Stiletto Dialogue this fall to hear more about Anne Jolles and her journey.   

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