Autumn Stream

Dear Sally,

What a Woman!


My Bride and Queen turns 74 tomorrow, Oct.1!

The photos are my precious Sally at age 19, and 23 and now 74. What a prize!


May I begin with the Simple Truth about the love she brings to me!


From the moment of Sally’s first hello, in high school chemistry class, she gave new meaning to my life and started a “LIVING FIRE” in me that has not been extinguished to this day!


Sally is a “LIGHT” that brightens my every day. Her amazing ENERGY in carrying on everyday tasks lightens my load. Her Playfulness, Humor, Sweetness and depth of SPIRIT makes her so very attractive to all who come in contact with her. How can you not love her!


To propose marriage to her was one of my greatest joys and I knew I was one of the luckiest guys in the world when she enthusiastically accepted.


She fills my soul with so much love that anywhere I go, I can never be lonely for she is always present with me. Whenever I reach for her hand- it’s always there!!!


Her kisses and hugs have lasted for over 50 years and are just as sweet and tender today as they were the night of our first kiss. Truly she fills my heart in indescribable ways!!!


I know that God will continue our love into eternity and that she’ll always be there, by my side, as God designed it to be!


Happy birthday my PRECIOUS ONE💞!!!


Still In L♥️VE with YOU,

Jimmy Boy

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