2020 started off great! We were looking forward to a year of reaching farther than ever before...but we all know what happened.

In January of 2020, Nate was able to help assist in a pastor's conference and staff retreat in the Dominican Republic. Nate flew from there to the Bahamas where he island-hopped among three islands, spending time with pastors and staff. Personally, Nathan & Laura were able to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary on January 17th.

February brought us both sets of parents visiting us in Florida before Nate took off to help lead more conferences and retreats in Guatemala and Costa Rica.

In early March, Nate took off for his first trip to Baja California, Mexico. While he was there, the world began to shut down and Praying Pelican Missions (PPM) was forced to postpone our spring mission trips. Nate caught an early flight home just before the USA/Mexico border shut down due to the pandemic.

April started a new way of life with virtually schooling the four kids, both of us working from home, wearing masks, watching church online, and learning to be with our family at all times. It was in these first weeks of quarantining that we began doing family devotions together. What a great opportunity to share in the Word together with each family member taking a turn leading (even Isaiah!).

May, June (virtual school ended...hallelujah!), July, and August seem to be a blur of continually adjusting and pivoting in all aspects of our life. We were able to get away for a week to the Florida Panhandle, which was a much-needed change of scenery.

In these strange times, it gave us in the PPM world a chance to work on other things as our summer trips were forced to postpone as well. PPM Global was birthed, allowing access for every nation to go on a mission trip to connect with the world! We are really excited to continue to see this develop and grow.

The fall brought new hope...the boys returned to school after learning from home for the first 6 weeks! There was also new hope among international travel. With travel bans being lifted, Nate and Reagan were able to go to Guatemala. Nathan & Laura were also able to travel to Delaware to take part in two weddings before Nate took off to Costa Rica again.

Through this entire time, the Lord sustained PPM and our family. We are beyond grateful for the ways that the Lord has provided everything that we need...even in a time when travel was not allowed. We learned a lot during this time, mostly about the faithfulness of our great God!

With 2021 within reach, we are hopeful for more of God's continued protection, provision, and leading in our lives and in PPM. Thank you so much for your continued support, belief in us, and belief in serving the church around the world!