Highlights from our graduating classes, high school and more
What a successful summer!

WOW! We are so grateful and impressed with all the hard work and love that many volunteers have poured into our school and our students over the summer months.  

Please take a few minutes to read and enjoy our successes with us.
Summer Construction
Seven churches came to help make major improvements to the playground, insulate our cafeteria and infant division ceilings and take on many, MANY other essential jobs around the school. 

Math and Literacy Summer Camp
Summer school reached new heights this year, with Raise Me Up launching their first literacy and math Camp.
The students spent two weeks learning key skills in a variety of fun ways through 1:1 session drill sessions with a volunteer, as well as games to reinforce skills and through real life application as they worked together to complete two different projects

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Futbol Summer Camp
Abby Paris of More Than Futbol returned to Belize to run a Summer Soccer Camp for the children of San Mateo. 

The children had a wonderful time learning new soccer skills, teamwork and playing organized games against each other.

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New Volunteer Coordinator
As of August 7th, Holy Cross welcomed a new member to the leadership team. Sue Barkhouse will expand her role as Coordinator of the literacy program and serve as the coordinator of all volunteer activity. As Volunteer Coordinator Sue’s responsibilities will include scheduling local volunteers as well as working with teams that plan to visit Holy Cross.

Many of you will already be familiar with Sue as she has run the literacy program at Holy Cross for two years, and will soon be launching a numeracy program. We are delighted that she has offered to be more involved and will all benefit from her organizational skills and enthusiasm . So, if you're interested in visiting and or volunteering, please contact Sue at volunteerbelize@gmail.com .

Dora Trejo served as the Volunteer Coordinator since the summer of 2015. Many of you have worked with her. Dora recently graduated with honors from Sixth Form with her degree in Tourism and has decided to explore her interests in the hospitality industry in San Pedro. We are grateful for her two years of service and wish her much success as she pursues new opportunities.
School tours available by appointment
If you're ever in San Pedro we'd love you to come visit our 'little' school. You can pop into the office at any time during school hours and school tours are available by appointment through Sue Barkhouse at volunteerbelize@gmail.com. 
Thank you once again for celebrating our successes with us, and continuing to support this great school. Keep an eye out for our next newsletter, which will have stories about the start of the new school year.

And remember, if you ever hear someone say these wonderful words "I'm going to Belize" then PLEASE TELL THEM ABOUT US, and make sure they know we'd love for them to visit.

Have a wonderful day and hope to see you again sometime.

Lydia and the team at Holy Cross
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