There was a great turnout at the July 29 Congregational Meeting. The vote was 150-1 in favor of calling Pastor Patricia Lowe to be our next pastor. The congregation also voted unanimously to approve a compensation package consisting of a base salary and retirement pension, as well as health, disability, and life insurance; and an expense allowance for Pastor Lowe. Synod guidelines and past Emmanuel practices were employed to arrive at the financial numbers, which had been discussed with and accepted by Pastor Lowe. In addition, we will be paying moving expenses. Pastor Lowe’s compensation package is roughly halfway between that of Pastors Isakson and Anderson, with the primary difference in the health insurance required by the synod. The base salaries of Pastors Lowe, Isakson and Anderson are fairly similar.

Many of you already know that part. Now, for a couple of new items. Pastor Tricia’s first day at Emmanuel will be September 4, the Tuesday after Labor Day. Pastor Sarah’s last preaching day at Emmanuel will be August 19. We plan to honor Sarah’s request of keeping her sendoff simple; however, I am hoping that we can show Sarah our great appreciation of her service to Emmanuel on August 19 at both worship services and the fellowship time between services. Please plan to attend.

On Monday, July 30, the Executive Committee and Call Committee Chair Julie Pavri met with Pastor Tricia and discussed her goals for the coming year and how we can support her in attaining these goals. Space does not permit discussing these items here. The goals were included on a Synod compensation form that was signed by me, Nance Busboom (Council Secretary), and Pastor Lowe, and forwarded, along with a signed letter of Call, to the Synod office. I have spent some time with Pastor Tricia and her husband Tim; they are great people and are excited to be joining the Emmanuel family.

On Sunday, October 14, Reverend Deborah Hutterer, our (soon-to-be) Grand Canyon Synod Bishop, will be with us to officially install Pastor Lowe as Emmanuel’s pastor. Please put this event on your calendar.

Finally, we owe a great deal gratitude for our excellent Call Committee, who labored long to get us our new Pastor. Thank you Julie, Jim, Chuck, Bruce, Betty, Bear, Jean, Ted, and Maddie.

Don Dimmel, Council President