December @ the MACC
Aloha and Happy Holidays!
The holidays are hardly the time for slowing down, but this does seem to be the natural time to pause for a moment at least, and reflect on the passing of a calendar year.  Wow what a year! Wait, do I say that every year? Perhaps I do – but it is always true here @ the MACC! With the sheer number of great performances, exhibitions, and classes here every month, and the number of people who come through the gates for a variety of entertainment and educational experiences every year. Well, this adds up to great numbers—but, more importantly, this adds up to great experiences that make lasting MACC memories . Take a look at just some of the many highlights of this past year's memories below … and from all of us @ the MACC: have a joyful, safe, and peaceful holiday season.
Art Vento, President & CEO
240,032 people attended MACC events
55,148 attended FREE events 
FY2016-17 stats
MACC audiences start small dream big!
... but big or small, we love you all!
Photos from Starry Night Cinema, the Eric Church /BMI Songwriters festival concert and the 'Ukulele Festival
It was a big year for the Schaefer International Gallery
21,004 people viewed our free exhibits 
“In a world of chaos, political turmoil, and social unrest, this exhibit promotes healing, hope, and infinite understanding of all things whole & organic. Akihiko Izukura has captured the highest expression of unconditional love for all that is natural & divine. He has given us a taste of heaven on earth."
-quote from a gallery visitor after viewing the Izukura installation, pictured below
Gallery viewers participated in tours with the artists and the gallery staff. Students and entire families came to learn about the art, be inspired, and create their own works!
Photos above from gallery receptions for He Makana and Spineless.... an ArtWorks tour of the Izukura exhibit ... and kids creating at Observe & Play Family Day
It was a big year for arts education
9,425 students attended our Ed programs
[CanDo Day creates] the opportunity to explore all the possibilities the arts can provide!"
-Pu’u Kukui elementary school teacher

"I learned so many creative things that I can use in my classroom! [In the teacher workshop, “One-Page Wonder,” I learned to make books, pop-ups, and learned many other techniques which will prove useful when engaging my students!"
- Maui secondary school teacher
“My students were exposed to an artistic form they had not seen before at a level that was informative, artistic, entertaining and above all creative. I hope that this exposure inspired them, you have inspired me to be creative.”  - Lāna`i 6th grade teacher on "Shank's Mare" performance
“The exercises really dug deep for me. More young artists NEED to hear things like this.”
“...a valuable opportunity for me to grow in new ways along with the kids! Sean’s personal story & enthusiasm captured the students and their imaginations. I am excited to see where they take their ideas!”   - from Kamehameha School-Maui, a student and a teacher, regarding on-site work by Sean San Jose
MACC presented Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i High School in Ha'upu - a Hawaiian Opera ... the only presentation in the state of the first opera in the Hawaiian language! (Which, by the way, had also traveled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland!)
It was another big year for "The MACC Presents..."
We continue to bring the best of the world to our Maui stage: artists at the top of their field in a variety of genres - dance, music, and other performing arts.
Reviews of MACC on TripAdvisor:
We have now been to 3 separate events at the MACC. 1 indoor concert, 1 outdoor concert & a outdoor craft event. We are so impressed with the whole layout and construction! The MACC puts Maui on the map! Whoever had the vision to built this spectacular venue I salute you! The performers that are featured here are not some no name has-been. Highly recommend attending any one of the great events/concerts if you are on Maui. Good prices, great sound, wonderful atmosphere.

Best cultural events on Maui
We have lived here for 3 years and Love the MACC. They offer a wide variety of events and entertainment. Broadway plays to famous musicians to educational and cultural events are all wonderful ways to enjoy Maui. 

Fantastic Cultural Center
This would be a great performing arts center in a city of 10X the population of the entire island. Its offerings are eclectic, and the local support of this institution is fantastic. We attended to musical events, an internationally touring band and a local group of musicians who are making a difference in their home state. Check them out during your visit, for music, dance and beyond.
Other big gatherings in 2017
Oprah Winfrey's appearance, and the Made in Maui County Festival!
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