Stephen Early, Untitled (Alumni & current Instructor)
Student Noel works on an écorché
In March, all Pennsylvania "non-essential" businesses were closed in an abundance of caution for the sake of public health. While our community honored this request, our dedicated instructors and staff held vital and important discourse on the nature of "non-essential" creative practices. The experience of moving operations from an in-person to a digital format brought out the best in our team, compelling everyone to seek out new and innovative ways of simulating the painting and drawing from life experience for which we are renowned.

One of the most inventive included Level Four student Scott Woyak’s complete redesign of Zoom virtual sessions into the development of a groundbreaking live model streaming application, exclusively available to our online students. That Scott embarked on such a project is a testimony to the belief we all share in Studio Incamminati's educational role today.
Later, when in-person programming resumed, Studio Incamminati reopened in our brand-new space on the entire 7th floor of Building Bok in south Philadelphia. Armed with pandemic safety precautions, mask protocols, and state-of-the-art air filtration systems installed in every room, classes were able to safely resume with live models. We continued running certain courses digitally to fulfill the requests of our virtual students. 

As we near the end of the semester, having just emerged from Thanksgiving weekend, we wish to articulate our appreciation for Co-founder Nelson Shanks, our faculty, board, and staff, but most of all for our students! By voting with their feet, our student body has been the most pivotal part of the Studio Incamminati’s success.
Student Gabrielle Davis’ study of Head of a Moor by Peter Paul Rubens
Our infrastructure will continue to evolve to support traditional art training, even as the curriculum is enriched by our unique combination of contemporary palette and light usage. We will continue to be the stewards of exemplary knowledge in light and shade, form and shape, and our advocacy of Aesthetics & Beauty. Studio Incamminati's pedagogy is distinctive; the mechanisms of delivery will ultimately enable us to reach more practitioners who yearn for and appreciate what we do. And we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of our curriculum and the impact it will have on contemporary studio practice. 

We thank you for recognizing and supporting our mission and purpose, and how a small team of passionate creatives has excelled in an uncertain time. We hope that you will consider joining us in supporting the development of our students, faculty, and staff with a gift of any size.
Rebecca Léveillé, To the End of Love (cropped), oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches, 2017-2018 (Finalist)
We are thrilled to bring the women figurative realist art exhibition to our school and help further reveal the incredible art from the 2019 Bennett Prize winner and finalists. Rising Voices aims to both introduce talented women artists to new admirers and provide a platform from which the marginalized and excluded voices of women artists can be heard. Throughout history, the male gaze has been central in depicting the nude body, stripping autonomy and inducing a sense of passivity from the female subject. Rising Voices challenges that typecast by inviting visitors to experience figurative work through the eyes of women.
Aneka Ingold, Aberration, mixed media on vinyl, 84 x 72 inches, 2015
The Bennett Prize awards $50,000 to a female artist to create her own solo exhibition of figurative realist paintings. It was founded in 2018 by Studio Incamminati Board member, art collector, and philanthropist Stephen A. Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti-Schmidt. The choice to host this exhibition at Studio Incamminati stems from the shared goal to express the importance of contemporary realism in modern day art. Our school’s Board and staff are also honored to uphold the Prize’s mission to champion the marginalized voices of women in a field of art that has historically portrayed women through the male gaze.

The exhibition will be open March through May 2021, and will be held in our space at Building Bok in south Philadelphia.
Nikki Harris
1. Why did you choose to come to Studio Incamminati?
I had gone to a live figure drawing class one night at a studio in Pittsburgh. I noticed one of the guys next to me was really good, so I asked him where he learned. He said he had gone to SI for a painting workshop in the past. That encouraged me to sign up for a painting workshop. I fell in love with it during that week and ever since then it has been on mind to come back in any capacity I could. During the coronavirus shutdown this year, I had some down time to really consider my plans for the future. At this time I was also actively doing "The Artist Way" workbook. I think it was a culmination of these two major life shifts that led me to finally register.
2. What are you hoping to get out of your experience?
I am looking to get better at art, particularly realism, which I will apply to tattooing. I’m also hoping one day I could make a living doing art in other forms. This would be several years from now as I still love tattooing and don't plan on stopping or minimizing any time soon. However, I sometimes have a hard time envisioning myself as an older woman still working as a tattoo artist, and see myself working in other mediums more.
3. Tell us about your history as a tattoo artist, and about your particular style of work.
I was in love with tattoos when I was younger. I thought people with tattoos looked so cool and were a part of a culture I wanted to be part of and know more about. As I got older, I completely lost interest in art. I had all kinds of odd jobs and never pursued anything art related. Then I started getting tattoos and a light bulb went off that this might be a way to use art to make a living AND do something I was interested in and found exciting. I sought out an apprenticeship in Illinois where I'm from and it went from there. I did little to no research as far as who was going to teach me, I just knew I wanted it so bad I would have been willing to learn from anyone who was willing to teach me. Luckily, I landed in the honey pot and ended up with a wonderful teacher in a very reputable and busy shop in the area. I was able to learn SO much while there. From there, it has brought me all kinds of places. I travel all over and on one of my excursions, ended up in Pennsylvania and ended up staying.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned I enjoy doing color realism the most...but slightly illustrative rather than hyperrealistic. It's very hard for me, which is why I enjoy it the most. Every tattoo requires me to "figure it out" and troubleshoot. I have to be present and ready to learn from it through each experience, but the challenge keeps me very excited.
4. How do you think a realist art education will help your work as a tattoo artist?
Being a tattoo artist for a few years now, my only regret is that I never cultivated that art education I could have pursued when I was younger, when I was distracted by other things or found art to be boring and uninteresting. I wish I would have gotten a formal education in art. So this year I finally decided it was time to learn. Because I don't KNOW what I don't know, I feel like I need to be around other learning artists and have someone teach me, telling me when I'm messing up and pointing out what I'm doing wrong and what's missing.
I can already tell that the information I am gathering as a student is being brought into my tattoos. I am now learning how to see things I didn't see before, to pay attention to particular shadows and sharpen my eye for details. I would say most of all, I will soon have an entire toolbox to use at work. I think I would struggle for years in tattooing, putting things in certain places, colors, shadows, shapes, etc....but not knowing WHY. I want to know WHY it goes there, in addition to knowing how to put it there. That is what I came to learn!
FEBRUARY 6, 2021

12 - 6pm EST
Join us on a virtual tour of our space, watch demos, and ask questions about our pre-BFA track with Rowan University and the prestigious Advanced Fine Art Program.
Art Book with Red, Yellow, Blue, White, oil on canvas, 12 x 18 inches, 2020 (Thesis) (2020 Graduate)
APRIL 18, 2021

Building Bok, 7th Floor
12 - 6pm EST
As part of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists annual Open Studio Tours, come enjoy the spectacular work of our 2020 Advanced Fine Art Program graduates, as well as a tour of our newly opened facilities in Bok Building.

The exhibition will also include the work of Florence Academy students who finished their education at SI following the closing of the New Jersey campus.
This lecture series invites internationally renowned artists and thought leaders to discuss personal creative philosophies on a wide variety of topics from history, to modern art, to art's place in medicine.

Cost is $10, or free for area art students.
Currently, all lectures will be held on Zoom, unless otherwise stated.

The series is supported by art collectors and philanthropists, Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt, Founders of The Bennett Prize.
How to Become an Artist in Baroque Rome
with Jesse Locker
Date: Wednesday, December 16
Time: 6pm EST
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Day-long intensive classes recommended for professionals and intermediate to advanced artists.
Master Class in the Artistic Study of Hands
with Dan Thompson
Date: Jan 16 - 17
Time: 10am -5pm EST
Location: Zoom
Class is currently full, register to be waitlisted
Figure Painting from Life (Master Class)
with Seth Haverkamp
Date: Jan 18 - 22
Time: 9am -4pm EST
Location: Studio Incamminati
Composition and Color in Still Life for Art Educators
with Natalie Italiano
Date: June 21-25
Time: 9am-4pm EST
Location: Studio Incamminati
(Act 48 credits offered; discounted cost for art educators)
Portrait Painting Fundamentals for Art Educators
with Natalie Italiano
Date: June 28 - July 2
Time: 9am-4pm EST
Location: Studio Incamminati
(Act 48 credits offered; discounted cost for art educators)
10-week, once a week classes focused on skill development. Recommended for beginners and those looking to brush up on basic skills. 
Color Theory for Range and Key
with Jason Jenkins
Date: Saturdays, Feb 6 - April 10
Time: 1-3:30pm EST
Location: Zoom
Still Life Painting
with Barbara Zanelli
Date: Wednesdays, Feb 10 - April 14
Time: 6-9pm EST
Location: Studio Incamminati
Color Study of the Figure
with Nell O'Leary
Date: Thursdays, Feb 11 - April 15
Time: 6-9pm EST
Location: Studio Incamminati
Robin Frey, Nude with Guitar, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches, 2003 (Current Instructor)
Our students show brilliance in more areas than art! Learn about the creation of original livestream program Squint.

Studio Incamminati exists to meet the express needs of students eager to learn the aesthetic and philosophical techniques and principles of humanist realism.
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