Cell & Internet Use while in China
    China boasts roughly 1.55 billion cell phone users; 90% use their phones to access the internet in lieu of computer.  What should you know and consider on these  two topics when you take a return trip?
    Click  Phone & Internet Usage   to read about how to plan ahead to create the plan that works best for your family.
What about "Gotcha Day"?
   Adoption parenting is anything but accidental! And, we come to that with intentions for providing a wonderful childhood and launch into adulthood.  Oftentimes, it is only in retrospect that parents discover important facets of the journey.  
    Here is a chance to hear the voice of adult adoptees on  this topic of this popular term.  C lick Poll Results   listed via FB  on adoptees' viewpoint of the term "Gotcha Day". 
   And to read specific writings by adult adoptees, check out this site   Writings by Adult Adoptees  . It has wide ranging books and article written, developed or recommended by adult adoptees of all adoption journey perspectives. Let's stay tuned in and continue to learn during this journey of parenthood. 
Staying in on "Black Friday"?
 Either all or part of the day? It can be a great time to think about your family's future heritage trip plan.  You can get started from the comfort of your couch:)! 
   Get questions answered at home while putting up your feet after a morning of shopping (or sleeping in -- whatever is your style:)!      
 Click  Friday, Nov. 23 - Heritage Trip Planning   "Black Friday" Heritage Travel Webinar -- please check the time zone -- it's listed as CST.   No cost for newsletter subscribers! 
    Holiday time when family is together can be a great time to think about planning spring or summer travel, whether 2019 or beyond.    Or, if you are booked all day, join another webinar listed at   Regardless, this holiday is great time to enjoy and plan future family fun! 
 Early Booking Advantages & Savings Plans  
    Planning a return trip?  Based on the exchange rate and Chinese   inflation
sooner is typically more advantageous.  Click  Exchange Rate to read why and how. 
   Lotus also provides support by offering a Trip Savings Plan  .    Or, if you have extended family looking to give a gift to your kids and don't know what to suggest,  others can support the trip fund  with a   Trip Gift Certificate   .  Contact with the subject line inquiry of gift certificate to and we will arrange it.  
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