This week, Governor Moore signed Senate Bill 1. It is a highly questionable and very likely unconstitutional bill aimed at LEGAL gun owners. The governor continues to use the gun violence in Maryland as justification for this bill.

But what about Baltimore?

Baltimore City continues to lead the state in murders, violent crimes, aggravated assaults, and the list goes on. As bad as that sounds, it does not mean Baltimore should be ignored. There is crime all over the state of Maryland, but we know it is heavily concentrated in this city.

That means more resources and help should be focused right here in Baltimore where it is needed the most. Our elected officials should not be afraid to acknowledge what many people in Baltimore live through every single day. It's time to stop playing politics and start finding solutions to the real problems facing our city.

Your council member was elected to represent your interests. We will make sure they are focusing on the needs of Baltimoreans. You can contact your city council members HERE. You can also find your council district HERE.

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We are continuing our Power Up meetings in every council district in the city. We want to hear from YOU! Join us to share your concerns and learn how you can get involved.

Let us know if your community is holding a meeting that our team can attend. We can only build a better Baltimore if we work together. Email us at [email protected] and [email protected].

PEACE was created to keep government and elected officials accountable, and help you stay engaged. The residents of Baltimore spoke loud and clear last November when more than 70% voted for Question K and term limits. You have the power to make huge changes. Let’s keep that momentum going!

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