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Employee Boomerang

I don’t think there’s one client that doesn’t have a hiring or retention issue right now. EVERYONE is desperate to find and retain employees.

Lots of companies have a “no re-hire” policy. I think that’s short-sighted, particularly in a workforce where hiring is at a premium.

Here are some pros, cons & tips on boomerangs – someone who leaves your company, but then returns.

The Pros & Cons of Employee Boomerangs (Eric’s Leadership Blog) 


Four-Day Workweeks Aren't Catching On

You’d think the 4-day workweek would be considered by businesses looking to hire. While the concept is amazingly popular with employees – it’s not so much with employers.

For one thing, it’s really difficult to do it in California. For another, it’s hard to administer.

But it’s worthwhile to find out if it would work at your business. Poll employees. Test it for a month or two. What worked? What didn’t? Can we tweak it, or is it simply not an option?

The Needle isn’t moving on four-day workweeks (Axios)

Google Expands PTO

Whatever perks and benefits an employee had at their last job is the minimum expectation they’ll have for their new job.

So it’s a big deal when a big employer raises the bar.

Google now has a minimum of 20 days of paid vacation per year for all employees. We still have clients who offer 10, or even 5 days of PTO per year.

That’s not going to cut it when you’re competing for talent.

(Good news – adding to PTO is one of the few ways of increasing benefits/perks without increasing your costs)

Google expands PTO, sets minimum 20 days' vacation (HR Dive)

Things I Read That Interested Me

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End Quote:

“The present moment used to be the unimaginable future.”

---Stewart Brand

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