The real estate market is currently crazy busy and anyone involved in it knows what I’m talking about! I’ve always believed in “making hay while the sun shines,” but the truth is, all work and no play can make Jill a very dull and burned out person. Carving out some time for ourselves is crucial for maintaining our physical as well as our mental health. Here are ten highlights from a terrific article I found about making and taking “Me Time."

1.     Prioritize – Plan your week. Be sure to schedule in some time for yourself and take it!
2.     Say NO – It’s really ok to say no sometimes, so practice saying, “I’m sorry, but I can’t.”
3.     Delegate – Ask for help and treat those who help you well. If you can’t find help, pay for it.
4.     Turn it off – Take a break from your computer, your cell phone and the news.
5.     Relax – Find out what makes you truly relax and then do more of that!
6.     Give yourself permission, not guilt – You deserve to enjoy a beautiful afternoon, so don’t just stop and smell the flowers…. visit a garden!
7.     Take a little time each day – Take 5 minutes a day just to listen to a song you love or dance around the room.
8.     Find value – Spend your “me” time doing something you are truly passionate about.
9.     Get creative – Engage in something creative and express yourself.
10.  Reconnect – Do more of the things that make you feel like you!

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