Volume 20| January 26, 2020
Middle School News
Pasha Z. visited the Chicago Google Headquarters During Experience Week!
What an "Experience"!!

Experience Week 2020 is now one for the history books! This past week was Experience Week at Roycemore. All Middle School classes were suspended while students focused on their personal passion projects (P3) each day. Some students visited area businesses or non-profits, such as Google, the Evanston Animal Shelter, and the Museum of Science and Industry. Other students engaged in deep research, while still others participated in experiential learning off-campus. On-campus workshops included one on Ideation by Mrs. Shutters and one on the Design Thinking process, specifically Prototyping, by Mr. Tain. Mrs. Wilson worked with students on their "elevator pitch" to prepare them for their EXPO presentations.

Daily reflections and structured design thinking assignments helped keep students on task during the week.
P3 Expo

The P3 Expo on Friday provided an opportunity for students to showcase their problem-solving P3 journey. Students shared their learning in various ways including posters, displays, demonstrations, and traditional presentations.

While Experience Week is over, we will continue our work with P3 during the remainder of the second semester. Students will be encouraged to further test their prototypes, and then begin the design thinking process all over again to ideate and advance their projects and passions. Some students already have plans for the next step while others will be supported by teachers to determine the next best step in their design journey.

If you have any questions about P3, Experience Week, or the Expo, please contact Beth Shutters (eshutters@roycemoreschool.org).
Students Present P3 Projects at IDEA Northern Suburbs MiniCon

Area teachers were impressed by our students' P3 Projects on Saturday at the 2020 IDEA Northern Suburbs MiniCon! Thanks to students (and their parents) for showcasing their work! Authentic opportunities like this to present are important life skills for young people that they will need whether in high school, college or career!
Middle School Social Outing- Ski Trip Last Chance to Sign Up!

You know what they say about all work and no play...well, this Friday is an opportunity for PLAY!! Students participating in this first social outing of 2020-- to Wilmot in Wisconsin to ski--will depart from school around 2pm and return around 9pm! This is a great opportunity for both experienced skiers and those who have never skied before! Students will have a chance to sign up for a ski school session to gain skills and confidence and enjoy the opportunity to learn something new while having fun with friends.
State of the School
State of the School, Preview and
JST Expo
Thursday, January 30th
The annual State of the School presentation is this Thursday January 30th. Head of School, Adrianne Finley Odell, and Board Chair, Tom Ellis, will share an update on where we are as a school and where we are heading.

Following the State of the School, we invite our Middle School families to the JST Expo (formerly known as the JST Share). JST stands for "January Short Term" and has been a staple of our Upper School program for 47 years! As opposed to Experience Week, JST lasts THREE weeks, offering students the opportunity to immerse themselves in experiential learning opportunities.

You will, no doubt, be impressed with our high school students' JST projects and what our Middle School students will have to look forward to! Topics for this year ranged from architecture, costume design, microbiology, African-American studies, and food blogging - just to name a few!

Plan Ahead for Summer for your Middle School Student
Wondering how to fill your child's summer with great experiences? We are offering great new two-week camps this year specific for Middle School Students!

  • Mrs. Milner and Mr. Stanley are teaming up to offer a camp that will involve travel around the Chicago area- "When the City is Your Campus"! Sites will include well-known ones such as Navy Pier and a White Sox game as well as lesser-known ones such as Oz Park, creating a documentary in the process.

  • Dr. Dudek is offering a Robotics Camp, designing and building robots using Lego Mindstorms EV platform. They will write control software and incorporate motors, sensors and LEGO Technic bricks to create robots capable of autonomously navigating multiple challenges and tasks.

  • Mrs. Hecht is offering Studio Art camps to further explore drawing, painting and prints.

To learn more go to the Roycemore website under student life

Registration opens February 3rd!
Sports and Activities this coming week!!
  • Board and Video Game Club 3:30-4:30pm
  • Homework Club 3:30-4:20pm
  • Boys Basketball GAME vs. Chiaravalle- HOME 4:00pm
  • Girls Basketball GAME vs. Parker- HOME 5:00pm

  • Homework Club 3:30pm-4:20pm
  • Girls Basketball practice 3:30-4:20pm

  • Girls Basketball GAME vs. Solomon Schechter HOME 4:15pm
  • Homework Club 3:30pm-4:20pm
  • Robotics Club- 3:30-4:30pm

  • Math Club 2pm
  • Community Yoga 5:00-6:00pm
  • STATE of the SCHOOL and JST EXPO- 6pm

  • Social Outing- Ski Trip to Wilmot- Leave Roycemore @ 2pm Return @ 9pm
  • Improv Club 3:30-4:30pm
Upcoming Dates

  • Jan. 28.- Admission Open House- Spread the Word!!
  • Jan. 30th- State of the School night and JST (January Short Term) EXPO-- PARENTS PLEASE COME!!
  • Jan. 31st- MS Social Outing- Ski Trip to Wilmot
  • Jan. 31st- Priority Application Deadline for new families
  • Feb. 14th- NO SCHOOL- Faculty Professional Development Day
  • Feb. 17th- NO SCHOOL- Presidents' Day
  • Feb. 27th- Student-Led Conferences 2pm-7:30pm
  • Feb. 28th- NO SCHOOL- Student-Led Conferences
  • Mar. 2nd.- Priority Sliding Scale Application Deadline

Middle School Community Guidelines
We will create a community in Roycemore’s middle school based on RESPECT. We will respect ourselves, our space, and our peers. In doing so, we will assume the best intentions of others and create a space where we are welcomed, feel we belong, and are known!
(created by representatives from each grade 2019-20)
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