October, 2018
Dear Friends,

What an inspirational morning we had Friday! Nearly 400 colleagues throughout MetroWest joined us at our 7th Annual Community Leadership Breakfast to network, celebrate, and find ways that we can m ake a difference in our communities. It was a privilege for me to honor our friend Bob Brack, and to recognize all he has done for our region. And, listening to our Keynote Speaker Dan Kenary, and our Youth in Philanthropy speaker, Neha Shabeer, I have never been more inspired. We all recognize that the strength our community is built by working together to ensure our neighbors are cared for, that we leave no one behind. We’re fortunate that today our region is strong, but none of us know what the future holds. Together we work to prepare for what the future may bring.

Even after 12 years with the Foundation for MetroWest, I still ask myself:
  • What can I do? 
  • How can I be engaged?  
  • How can I help my town, my MetroWest community?

The Foundation strives to strengthen our community through supporting nonprofits, to build for our future by engaging young people to learn and become involved in their community, and to partner with local businesses to address our communities most pressing needs. And when you ask yourself those same questions, know that we are here to help you find your answers.

Community Philanthropist Honoree: Bob Brack
When you think about Bob Brack, what comes to mind? Is it his 27 years as the CEO of Barker Steel, leading the company through a dynamic period of growth? Is it his time as the Board Chair at the Foundation for MetroWest? Or is seeing him out and about, at any number of meetings, fundraisers, or community gatherings, supporting the nonprofits he cares so much about? In all of these roles, one thing stands out - the essence of his work. He uses his time and his resources to take care of others.

See the lasting impact Bob has had in our community over the years, and Congratulations, Bob!
Business Advised Funds: A New Service from Foundation for MetroWest!
Is your company looking for a way to get more involved in the needs of your community? A Business Advised Fund offers you a simple, streamlined, and effective way to support the causes you care about, while relieving administrative burden and paperwork. It also allows you to tap into the expertise of our staff to help your charitable dollars go further and to get your employees more involved in the community.

Become more environmentally friendly AND support local hunger relief efforts
Foundation for MetroWest is thrilled to offer an exclusive opportunity for local businesses to become more environmentally friendly AND support local hunger relief efforts!

We are partnering with Bootstrap Compost , a local company focused on thoughtful, sustainable and community-engineered composting. As Greater Boston’s Food Scrap Go-Getters, Bootstrap Compost provides a kitchen scrap pick up and compost delivery service that helps put your food scraps to good use without having to find space or time to do it yourself. They can even provide an information session for your employees or tenants so everyone knows how to best make sure their food scraps help reduce waste and guilt all while improving the local food chain! 

So, thanks to Bootstrap Compost, here’s the deal: for every new commercial account* that signs up with Bootstrap Compost, they will donate your first month’s service fee to our MetroWest Hunger Relief Fund. It’s a win-win-win…for your business, the environment, and our community! 
Intrigued? Read a bit more here . For pricing and to sign up, contact Igor Kharitonenkov today! 

*Bootstrap Compost currently operates in the MetroWest communities of Dedham, Lexington, Needham, Waltham and Wellesley. To see if your community is covered, please contact Igor
Donor Central has arrived!
You have heard all about it, and now it is finally here! Donor Central is our new web based Fundholder portal, allowing you as a Fundholder to do the following from any device at anytime:
  • View your fund balance in real time
  • See your grant history
  • Request and schedule new grants
  • View and download fund statements
  • Learn more about funding opportunities and non-profit organizations in our region
Don't have a Fund yet? Contact Mary Crowley for more information on opening a Fund at Foundation for MetroWest.

We are going to make History. Together.
We just launched our very first giving campaign to support Youth in Philanthropy. Between 9/21-12/31, we've got an ambitious goal: 300 Gifts in 100 Days to support Youth in Philanthropy. Every gift will count in the campaign as we aim to reach this record-breaking number of supporters.

You make all this possible!
 Make a gift today to support your Community Foundation.