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What Are Languages 4? | Volume 4

June 16, 2023

Language Sovereignty, Trustworthiness, and Innovation: The Three Pillars of Languages 4

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In a world where language learning platforms are many and varied, Languages 4 aims to stand out. More than just a language learning solution, Languages 4 represents a heartfelt commitment to Indigenous language reclamation, underpinned by three core values: Language Sovereignty, Trustworthiness, and

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Supporting Language Sovereignty: The First Pillar of Languages 4

If there's one concept central to the work we do at Languages 4, it's Language Sovereignty. This concept, which might be new to some of our readers, is foundational to our language revitalization and preservation approach.

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Trustworthiness: The Second Pillar of Languages 4

Building and nurturing relationships is at the heart of any successful project, especially when these projects involve communities, cultures, and languages. At Languages 4, we understand this deeply, so Trustworthiness is one of our three core values.

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Innovation: The Third Pillar of Languages 4

At Languages 4, innovation isn't just a fancy word. It is critical in our efforts to improve the efficacy of Indigenous language revitalization efforts, increase our reach, and do more projects.

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Founder's Corner | A Message From Tim O'Hagan

.We appreciate you taking the time to review our core values at Languages 4. These principles will serve as our compass as we continue to expand our business. Throughout my personal journey with endangered language revitalization, I have witnessed significant challenges, yet I have also been inspired by the individuals and communities who are fighting to rebuild and reclaim their language and identity. At L4, we strive to be a force for positivity, and these core values will help us achieve that goal.

Thank you for your consideration and efforts, and we look forward to the opportunity to work together in the future.


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