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What Are Languages 4? | Volume 2

May 19th, 2023

Hello Tim,

As the founder of Languages 4, I've always had a deep respect for the incredible diversity of human expression that languages represent. But let's face it - we're up against a challenging reality. We have a scarcity of speakers, especially those equipped to teach, and a pressing need to scale their invaluable knowledge across our communities and generations.

So, how do we bridge this gap? How do we ensure our heritage languages not only survive, but flourish? That's the key question we're addressing in this edition of "What are Languages 4?"

Stay with us on this journey as we delve into innovative solutions and exciting initiatives. Together, let's carry forward the legacy of our languages and cultures!

Thank you for your attention and consideration

Tim O'Hagan

Founder and President

Languages 4 | Reclaim, Revitalize, Preserve

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Amplifying Indigenous Voices: The Role of Technology in Scaling Language Instruction

Cross-generational communication must be a top priority.

Languages 4™ is proud to introduce Languages 4 Generations™, a new initiative supporting Indigenous language reclamation. This innovative effort aims to help bridge the generational gap and empower communities to reclaim their heritage languages.

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From Shy Learner to Family Storyteller with Languages 4!

At Languages 4, our lessons are designed not just to develop language structure and skills but also to learn and appreciate the diversity of your culture. Let us dive into a fun sneak peek of a couple of our units from the foundational levels to see how this is achieved!

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L4 Mohawk Project Spotlight - How to help your students develop oral fluency?

Languages 4 Projects Powered by SMASH Education: Develop Oral Fluency

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L4 Core Value: Language Sovereignty

What exactly is language sovereignty, and why is it such an important topic? As I began my work in the Indigenous language reclamation, preservation, and revitalization effort, it was a concept that I vaguely understood but greatly underestimated, especially compared to the more tangible statistics of language loss....

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Founder's Corner | A Message From Tim O'Hagan



Today marks my Mom's 75th birthday. She is a remarkable example of empathy, compassion, and unwavering care towards others. I owe much of my appreciation for Indigenous languages and culture to her, and I am thrilled to continue our journey of rediscovering her family's Dakota heritage together.

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