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What Are Languages 4? | Volume 3

June 2nd, 2023

Hello Tim,

Learning a new language can feel like navigating a wild jungle - there are many paths you could take, and everyone seems to have their own opinion on which one is the best. Immersion? Rote memorization? Translation? They all have their fans, and to be fair, they each have their own perks.

But here at Languages 4, we've got a different take. We think learning a language should be as real as it gets - practical, fun, engaging, but still seriously instructive. We're not about just diving headfirst into the deep end. Instead, we believe in giving you the swimming lessons first.

That's why we want to share something we call Scaffolded Immersion™. This approach is like your personal language-building toolkit, modified and applied effectively for Indigenous language learners. It's all about learning the ropes, step by step, particularly when there aren't many folks around who speak the language or places where you can practice.

Thank you for your attention and consideration

Tim O'Hagan

Founder and President

Languages 4 | Reclaim, Revitalize, Preserve

Scaffolded Immersion™: Introducing a Powerful Ally for Indigenous Language Acquisition

Language acquisition is a complex journey, often fraught with challenges and frustrations. This is especially true when learning an indigenous language, where resources may be scarce and native speakers hard to find.

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A 10,000-Foot Introduction to Scaffolded Immersion™

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Albert Einstein Today, I want to introduce a new messaging style for Languages 4.

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Saluting Our Heroes: Gratitude to Those Who've Served, and Respect for Families Bearing the Ultimate Sacrifice.

Founder's Corner | A Message From Tim O'Hagan

As we celebrate Memorial Day, I want to say thank you to those veterans who have served, and their families that have given their sons and daughters.


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