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What Are Languages 4? | Volume 5

June 30th, 2023

Yá’át’ééh, Sekoh, Halauġikpiñ, Chokma, Boozhoo, Tim,

Language is more than communication – it embodies culture, history, and identity. In this newsletter, we delve into how language revitalization nurtures emotional well-being and fortifies community bonds.

This edition of WHAT ARE LANGUAGES 4? Focuses on arguably the best of Indigenous language reclamation, the immense Joy, pleasure, and mental health benefits for the community. We highlight the inspiring story of the Barngarla language revival in South Australia and present a sampling of the culturally-tailored activities integrated into our language projects at Languages 4.

The journey to language proficiency can be challenging, but by intertwining linguistic lessons with cultural elements, we aim to enrich the learning experience while promoting mental health and community connections.

Thank you for engaging with our mission.

The Language of Well-being: Unlocking Mental Health Benefits Through Indigenous Language Revitalization

Language is more than just a tool for communication-it is the embodiment of culture, identity, and history. At Languages 4, we have witnessed the power of language, especially its ability to revitalize indigenous communities and enhance mental health.

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A Unique Journey with Languages 4: Empowering Communities through Language and Culture (Activities +)

Language and culture are more than words and customs; they are integral to our identity and sources of communal strength and personal happiness. At Languages 4, we believe in the transformative power of Indigenous language revitalization to preserve heritage and promote joy, resilience, and mental h

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"Language Breathes Life"-Barngarla Community Perspectives on the Wellbeing...

"So, I think your heritage and culture, and your identity, is something that-especially nowadays when people struggle with their health and wellbeing-the power...

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Founder's Corner | A Message From Tim O'Hagan

Dear Readers,

As the founder of Languages 4, I am continually amazed and inspired by the power of language. Language is not simply a tool for communication; it is a vessel for culture, history, community, and identity. Each word tells a story, each phrase brings to life a tradition, and each sentence weaves the tapestry of a community's rich heritage.

I am excited about this edition because it focuses on the WHY of language reclamation. The HOW is very important, and we often spend so much of our time and efforts there, so it is a great pleasure to explore the joy, happiness, and overall wellness of it.

Thank you once again for your support and partnership. Here's to the transformative power of language!

Chokma'shki (Thank you in Chickasaw)




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