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What Are Languages 4? | Volume 6

July 14th, 2023

Yá’át’ééh, Sekoh, Halauġikpiñ, Chokma, Boozhoo, Tim,

For this edition of What Are Languages 4?, we are delighted to present a candid Q&A with founder Tim O'Hagan. Why Languages 4? What are the motivations, the challenges, and the aspirations?

We'd love to answer directly to any comments, questions, or concerns, and we would greatly value your feedback.

We hope you enjoy it!

Q&A with Languages 4 Founder, Tim O'Hagan

I love what I do, and I am confident we can be impactful members of the Indigenous language community. Therefore, I have really enjoyed the opportunities to speak with new people and communities and get the process started.

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An excerpt from the Interview

What was the primary driving force that led you to transition from working on English as a Second Language to focusing on endangered Indigenous languages?

Some might say it was a lucky happenstance, but my career path led me to work with Indigenous language reclamation. In fact, it was an unforeseen lay-off that connected me with my first opportunity to work with the Chickasaw language project at Rosetta Stone. Working with the incredible Chickasaw language team introduced me to a new world of impactful language development, and I was hooked. Interestingly, while very different, English as a Second Language projects and Indigenous language reclamation share similar and incredible benefits: dramatic improvements in mental health, academic success, employability, and self-confidence. Shortly after beginning work with the Chickasaw project (which was a tiny percentage of my work responsibility), I recognized that this was the work I was meant to do. 

Languages 4 on LinkedIn: A 10,000-Foot Introduction to Scaffolded Immersion™

A 10,000-foot view of Scaffolded Immersion™

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How to help your students develop oral fluency?

How to help your students develop oral fluency?

Founder's Corner | A Message From Tim O'Hagan

Dear Readers,

This one is exciting, if not a bit nerve-racking for me. In this volume, I sit down for an interview to present some Q&A about the history and motivations behind the creation of Languages 4. I believe in language reclamation and am committed to doing my best to support the effort.

As a descendant of the Dakota people, but one who wasn't aware of nor did I grow up in the experience, I want to be especially respectful and honest; hence I rarely discuss it. As you read this interview, if any comments or questions arise, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you,

Pidamaya (Thank you in Dakota)



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