How is Ramsey County handling the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Introducing the first of bi-weekly newsletters detailing how different communities in Ramsey County are handling the Pandemic.

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Ramsey County COVID Policy Action Group
At the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it was clear there were a number of issues that were going to be larger, more long-term concerns that county staff didn’t have the resources to tackle. As a result, Toni Carter, Ramsey County Board Chair, in coordination with the County Manager, launched a 12-member group to manage policy issues and ensure rapid and long-term response. This group, Ramsey County Policy Action Group (PAG), formed out of the Incident Management Team at Ramsey County.

About PAG

  • Meetings occur virtually, about twice per week. A portion of these meetings include briefings from public health and legislative updates.
  • There are multiple sub-committees established under PAG, including: Waivers for Services, Food Security, Outreach and Engagement, and more. There is a sub-committee for each of the issues below. 

PAG Members:

  • Ramsey County Board Chair Toni Carter
  • Chief Judge John Guthmann, 2nd Judicial District
  • Ramsey County Attorney John Choi
  • Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher
  • Ramsey County Delegation Legislative Chair, Representative Rena Moran
  • Ramsey County Delegation Legislative Chair, Senator Carolyn Laine
  • Ramsey County Commissioner Jim McDonough
  • Ramsey County Commissioner Trista MatasCastillo
  • Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter
  • Shoreview Mayor Sandy Martin
  • Saint Paul Public Schools Superintendent, Joe Gothard
  • North Saint Paul Public Schools Superintendent, Christine Osorio
Issues Facing PAG

  • Unsheltered Homeless – How do we move persons experiencing homelessness safely, especially if they have symptoms of COVID-19? As a result, Mary Hall will be opened, with a second site to be activated. 
  • Property Tax – The deadline for first half property tax payments (May 15) is nearing. PAG is looking at postponing property taxes for those who depend on the taxes for their cash flow.
  • Evictions – How can we communicate and provide services for people that aren’t face-to-face?

New initiatives are posted on Ramsey County's website . PAG plays a role in many of the articles you see here.
Local Community News
Free Health & Wellness Clinic: White Bear Lake Area Schools has been working with St. Catherine University Nursing Department to provide Free Bear Care Health & Wellness Clinics on Wednesdays and Fridays, open to all district students.

Schools Providing Students Free Meals: Gov. Tim Walz previously announced all public schools will be closed beginning March 18, many of whom began implementing distance learning this week. As a result, some area schools are providing free meals for students. Roseville Area Schools is one of them.

Free Food Shelf: M ounds View is providing Ralph Reeder Food Shelf drive thru service. The shelf includes pre-packed bags in which individuals and families can receive a combination of canned and boxed items, hygiene, baby items, produce, dairy, etc. Residents can call for an appointment.

General News
What's cooking, Twin Cities? Getting bored of your own home-cooked meals? Check out this interactive map showing which metro restaurants are offering curbside and/or takeout. See if your favorite local restaurant is on the map!

April 1 was #nationalwalkingday! Gov. Tim Walz reminds Minnesotans to avoid large crowds while enjoying the spring weather. Consider avoiding crowds by walking in the morning or early afternoon hours.

April 1 was also National Census Day! Make sure you are counted by filling out the form mailed to you or by filling it out online here . It takes less than 10 minutes! Have your 12-digit Census ID ready, which can be found on the postcard you were mailed.

Wondering how you can volunteer during this crisis? Here's some ideas:

- Provide face masks
- Donate blood
- Make cards for those isolated

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(Left) City of Shoreview residents know how to create positivity while maintaining social distancing

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