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 August 2017

What's a Sales Order?  When you want to document sales that you can't (or won't) fulfill immediately, but you plan to do so in the future, you can't create an invoice just yet. So......this is where you would create a sales order.

Sales orders give you a way to manage the products and services you sell to your customers. You don't need to use sales orders with QuickBooks, but using a sales order provides you with several distinct advantages:
  • Sales orders help you keep track of multiple orders that you can combine into a single invoice at a later date. 
  • You can also use a sales order when fulfilling a portion of a customer's order, or 
  • When you need to back-order an item. 
Are you a service-based business? The Sales orders function can also be used for Work Orders - call us at 256-337-5200,  so we can customize the set up and teach you how to use your QuickBooks for Work Orders.

Using a sales order requires you to first create the sales order, then fulfill it, and finally create an invoice based on the sales order.
However, if you plan to use sales orders, you must first ensure QuickBooks is set up to accommodate them.   Note: Sales Orders are not available in QB Pro.  Creating Sales Orders

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2014 SUNSET - 2018 Coming Soon!
On May 31, 2017, Intuit discontinued support for QuickBooks Financial Pro, Premier, QuickBooks for Mac 2014, and QB Enterprise 2014. You can continue to use these solutions, of course, but Intuit live technical support and add-on services like payroll, credit card processing, online banking and bill-pay are no longer accessible. We will continue to support all versions but recommend that you upgrade when you can. 

2018 Coming Soon - Call me today to be put on a contact list as soon as it's released.