February 2021
Article by
Edward D. Wagner DC

What are alternative ways to stay healthy?

Staying indoors can lead to depression of your immune system. The constant breathing of indoor air and the lack of movement will compromise nearly all aspects of the body. Lean muscle mass decreases, fat increases, lymphatics become stagnant, posture collapses, metabolism drops, lethargy increases and possibly even worse, depression sets in. Thinking that when this is over you will get back can be a dream. After becoming sedentary for a long time, it becomes very difficult and for many, impossible. It becomes a new way of life. 

So what can you do to maintain your
health or even improve it?

Here is the list:

  • Go outside and walk. All of the state parks are open and the trails are beautiful. You cannot catch a virus in the open air, especially in the sun.

  • Since gyms still haven't opened up yet, set up a small gym in your house using exercise bands and light weight dumbbells.

  • Purchase a Lifetime Vibe, 10 minutes on this machine is equivalent of walking several miles or going to the gym. It improves the blood circulation, lymphatic flow, and muscle tone.You can go to www.lifetimevibe.com. I arranged for a super discount for my patients. The code is doctorwagner.

  • Eat clean! Have protein with each meal, vegetables and fruit. Limit the carbs like grains, crackers, cookies, etc. Have a fruit for dessert. Mangoes are super satisfying.

  • Come in for treatments on a regular basis. Nothing is as powerful as having your spine adjusted and all the muscles balanced and turned on. Through our unique approach we can turn on all the switches, improving the function of all systems.

  • Maintain your supplement program. Our Covid-19 prevention program has proved to be a great benefit to those that have followed it. If you missed it, check out our previous newsletters here.

All of my recommendations and programs are based on my own personal practices for the best optimal health.

Let’s get to the root of your problem. If you are doing well, come in for preventative care. If you have friends who are suffering, send them here. We are the foremost alternative health clinic.
We specialize in conditions not responsive to medical care.

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