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 What Are Patient's Saying About Dr. Wagner? 
November 2013 
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Here is an example of the many life changing testimonials we get to hear from our patients.  This particular one has been written by Karen Hawes who met Dr. Wagner during one of his visits to France.

Thank you Karen for sharing your personal story with us.

Your friends at,
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Shared Testimony from patient Karen Hawes

Only one word describes this Doctor - Genius.  


I had suffered with a milk allergy for over 2 years.  This made eating out difficult and I had to carry an Epi-pen as just a small amount of dairy could cause anaphylactic shock.  I was so sensitive that if I went to someone's house and they stirred my black coffee with a spoon they had used on a coffee with milk I would come out in hives within 10 minutes and literally scratch my skin off.  I was once served vegetables with butter and was out cold within 20 minutes and paramedics had to inject me with adrenalin.

I was in a restaurant in Cannes, France with my husband and the service was really bad.  They served me the wrong food twice (with cheese) which could have been fatal.  We waited 15 minutes for a beer and struck up a conversation with the person next to us about just how bad the services was. He had asked 3 times for a knife and still did not have one!  I asked if he was on vacation and he explained that he was working there treating someone and that he lived in LA.  As he got up to leave, he offered to help me with my allergy.  I was honestly in 2 minds whether to accept the offer.  My husband and I discussed it and plucked up the courage to knock on his hotel room door.  4 days later and I am eating Pizza and chocolate.  My family and friends are in disbelief... but the course of treatment Dr Wagner carried out over 4 x 20 minute sessions has had far greater benefit that just fixing my allergy.  I would describe it as a physical and emotional journey of discovery as he dug deeper and deeper to identify what had caused the allergy in the first place.   He also identified many things which I did not even realise I was allergic to including grass, electric motors, buses etc. 

The result is a massive increase in my confidence.  Things which bothered me before and caused stress no longer bother me at all.  For example, when returning from vacation the washing machine was broken and I could not wash the clothes.  I was surprised that I just put them into piles and accepted that I had to wait 4 days for the repairman... prior to this treatment I would have got stressed by this and wanted the machine fixed instantly.  My son noticed that I walked into the restaurant ahead of everyone else when previously I would always let others go first. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me.  It is hard to explain but this is much more significant than the allergy having gone even though that alone is life changing for both me and my husband.

The amazing thing is that Dr Wagner used no equipment and no medication for this treatment.  I would not believe it had I not experienced it myself.   I can't explain how he did it but can't deny the results!  He started by confidently stating that the allergy was a symptom not the cause and the challenge was to identify the root cause.  In my case, there were 2 significant factors.  Firstly a severe electric shock in 2004 when I cut through the lawnmower cable.  This had messed up the programming in my body and Dr Wagner quickly fixed it.  But he didn't stop there, he stated that he needed to work out why I had electrocuted myself, why was I not "living in the present" at that moment.  This went back to experiences many years ago which my body had experienced but never dealt with correctly.  He identified them and reprogrammed my body to deal with the real issue rather than it creating allergies or illnesses due to its state of confusion.  Remarkably this is not a mental cure, it is a physical one. 

I have never believed in alternative medicine.  I would never have approached anyone like Dr Wagner had it not been for this chance meeting.  I am so pleased we met him and my life is significantly better as a result.  I live in the UK but I will be visiting Dr Wagner in LA in the future for a check-up.  He claims to be able to identify any developing health problems well before they develop into serious issues ...and I have no reason to disbelieve him.  He is a genius.


Karen Hawes

Northampton, UK