APRIL 2015
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  • What are the 3 Ways to Eat Your Lunch?
  • What is so Cool About Salida? 
  • Different Flavors of the Goddess in Egypt
  • A Crystal Bowl Ceremony in Mt Shasta 
  • PARTY! + Let's Give Back on May 18 (Nomad Theater)
  • "You are Growing and Blooming" Angel Message
LUNCH: Divine Feminine in Action
There is much talk about the Divine Feminine energy on Earth today. What does it all mean? It is about the Mother; the consciousness out of which everything is spun, the evolutionary love force. There is a great living example of this model, teaching on Earth today. Her name is Amma, which means Mother. She uses the following example.

1) Those  who eat the lunch they have.
2) Those who eat their own lunch and take some from others.
3) Those who eat part of their lunch and share the rest with those who need it.

Grace, Presence, Love, and Compassion  are what we need to birth the new evolution. How can both men and women, serve as carriers of the Divine Feminine? Amma teaches that a birthing force is now streaming directly from the Mother side of God to give us the power that we need to become strong, patient and passionate enough to put our love into action. Try it!

Spiritual Retreat in Salida
May 15 - 17, 2015
***Only 3 spots left!***
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A Weekend of Spiritual Renewal
In Salida, Colorado
with Lee Cook and Kristina Wood
May 15 - 17, 2015 

Our Relaxing, Spiritually Refreshing Weekend in Salida includes the following:

  • 2 nights stay in a beautifully remodeled historic building on the banks of the Arkansas River with cedar hot tub
  • All Breakfasts
  • Crystal Ceremony with Paul Martin in his amazing Crystal store
  • Several Meditations and spiritual exercises 
  • Channellings with Lee Cook
  • Circle times for clarification and understanding
  • Fantastic, supportive company as we clear out the old and welcome in the new
  • Assistance in connecting to the all pervasive Goddess energies
  • Beautiful, gentle walks along the river and mountain meadows
  • Directions to the best Hot Springs in the Valley

Join Lee Cook who is putting together a new program, based on her extensive experience of being connected to the Angelic realms for many years. She will teach YOU how to stay connected with the Spiritual World effectively so that you can realize new truths, joyfulness, and wonderful guidance, whenever you want. 

Together with Kristina (Tina) Wood, author of the forthcoming book, WHY THE SUNFLOWER SMILESHidden Messages in Nature, they will bring you to a new level of understanding, happiness and integration with the rest of our Universe. 

There is no better place to gather together in a small group of like minded, spiritually expanding people, than in the pristine environment of Salida, Colorado with the energy of the Arkansas River refreshing the Earth.

Questions??  Call 720-217-1829   EMAIL:

Different Flavors of the Goddess
that we will come to know in Egypt
October 11 - 25, 2015

There a re many different aspects of the Goddess throughout the world and several are  depicted in Egypt. We are the heirs to all these Goddess traditions and will come to know them on our journey, as they illuminate our travels throughout Egypt . The study of the sacred feminine is the study of ourselves. 
Do you know about these three Goddesses?

1) The Egyptian Sky Goddess NUT
Nut is a Creator Goddess. Here you can see her stretched over the Earth with her body full of stars. This illustrates how we are nourished and protected by our Mother Earth's space. She gives birth to the Sun in the East and swallows the Sun in the West each day and night.

2) The Egyptian Goddess ISIS:

Isis is an Initiatory Goddess, who has transformative capabilities.


She collected the parts of her husband Osiris, including his phallus, healed him and then from his loins gave birth to their son Horus.


She is one of the great Ancient Goddesses, a source of transformative power, able to actualize her own divine consciousness.


After a predawn boat ride along the quiet of the River Nile,  we will be in ceremony with the Goddess Isis at her Temple on Agilkia in the sanctuary room of the Holy of Holies... a truly, once in a lifetime, transformative experience.





3) The Egyptian Goddess SEHKMET:

Sehkmet is a fierce Goddess of Rebirth. She shows us the paradox of how we are both the compassionate creators and terribly destructive in the same minute. Her fierce lion face removes some of our comfort and it shows us ways in which we have not had the courage to live our lives. 

At the same time, she is the biggest love force in the Universe and shows her compassion and protection when we simply ask for it. 

We will meet with her at Karnak Temple and have a powerful private meditation with her there.(Pictures do not do her justice, you must be there to experience this potent energy that can help recreate your life.)

"If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design." Our future depends on the grace and presence of all aspects of the divine Goddess to birth the new civilization. Join us in Egypt as we study more of the Divine Goddesses  to be found there, for our transformation.

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July 29 - August 2
Crystal Bowl Ceremony: Healing Sounds

JOIN US: July 29 - August 2, 2015
We will have lovely days of relaxed , beautiful hikes to 
powerful places, deeply transforming meditations and lots of time 
to absorb the pristine silence. 

On our second evening, we will enjoy the 
healing sounds of a crystal bowl ceremony:

We will gather together for a three part

sound healing with an amazing collection of crystal bowls, made from all the elements found on earth. We will be hearing and feeling the vibrations of crystal bowls made with gold, rubies, lapis, and many other minerals that our Earth has to offer. The first part will feature 33 bowls and will help us to feel at peace. The next part uses 7 bowls and is an Earth - Star communication that opens a Portal. Our master sound healer was shown this attunement by a special guide. The last session uses 55 different bowls, in 17 sequences. This is a very special attunement and opening that will prepare us for a great night as we sleep and prepare us for amazing experiences the next day.

Please watch this wonderful video with Jonathan Goldman explaining the benefits of sound healing:
Jonathan Goldman -
Jonathan Goldman - "ON SOUND"

Join our Journey this Summer, 2015 

for 5 days of immersion into the energies of the Mountain!

ONLY $570.00

More info Here

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Come to the Party!
and Give Back at the Same Time
Monday, May  18 - Nomad Theater
info below

"You Are Growing and Blooming"
Angel Message,  Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,

As you are continually in creation with yourself, you are growing within, just as a flower moves from a seed to a stalk to a full bloom in one season. Perhaps you are not aware that you are growing and blooming, when you see only your physical nature. Yet, your consciousness is capable of reaching beyond the knowing that you had yesterday, and expanding into new places, free of ego and strife.

You are a reflection of the creation that is happening every moment around you and within you. Your heart's experiences, your conscious actions, your soul's desires, are all a part of your creation.

Just as  you may stretch to put your feet on the ground or awaken your body in the morning, you can also awaken your consciousness every moment by choosing to be in the present knowing of your experience.

If you feel that your creation is not as you would wish it to be, re-shape your life, through the positive knowing that you can create over and over again. Imagine and allow it to become.

Create with love, create with kindness, create with joy. Shape your life as if you are the master artist, writer or director creating the most dynamic and enriching experience of your life.

with love,
The Angels
Thank You, Until Next Time


"Why should I be unhappy? Every parcel of my being is in full bloom."








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