We solve one of the most difficult challenges facing families today...caring for loved ones requiring essential personal home care services.

7 Safety Risks Caregivers See in Homes of Seniors

If aging-in-place is the right choice for your older loved ones, making sure their home is free of common household safety hazards is a critical component for their well-being. Unfortunately, some in-home safety risks can be overlooked by family caregivers and result in senior falls, injuries, and other preventable accidents. 

Home Care Terminology: A Glossary for Caregivers

If you're looking into home care for a senior loved one for the first time, you'll probably encounter new and unfamiliar lingo as you research various care options. Although some terms are self-explanatory, others can be confusing, especially if they are used interchangeably or incorrectly. 

Understanding the difference between a few common home care terms can help you advance in your research and better comprehend your senior home care options. 

When Your Elder Has Full Capacity and You Don't Agree with Their Choices.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

The good. Your parent has full capacity. This gives you the opportunity to co-create a team approach to caregiving through conversations and setting boundaries.

The bad. Over time, confrontational conversations can cause broken relationships. Conversations contribute to the disintegration of the relationship when they are not done using respectful language, tone of voice and a recognition of the emotions behind these conversations.

The ugly. If your parents have full capacity, they have the right to make the wrong decision. All you can do is try to keep them safe in that decision.

Having the End of Life Conversation with Your Senior and Family

You want the best for your aging parents through every stage of their lives. While they currently may be healthy and able to make decisions on their own, an end-of-life conversation is important to determine how they wish to live their final days. However, talking about death is stressful, uncomfortable, and often complicated for older adults and their families. 

While more than 90% of people think it's important to have end-of-life discussions, less than 30% do so, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Many adult children don't want to upset their elderly parents or have them think they gave up on them. Seniors, themselves, don't want to broach the subject due to shyness, denial, and confusion. 

Congratulations to Caregivers of the Month!

Congratulations to Arlene for winning the Employee of the Month award for November! Arlene is knowledgeable about the client's needs: physical, emotional and social and demonstrates skill, competency and connection during care. Arlene embodies what being an Angel is all about as she is hardworking, proactive, dependable and always has a positive attitude.

Congratulations to Lashawntae for winning the Employee of the Month award for December! Lashawntae  is a true team player, working well with clients, families, and office staff, representing Visiting Angels of Pikesville positively with all that she does. Lashawntae is a "go-to" Angel, willing to take shifts with 24 hours or less notice. Her knowledge and compassion, not only with seniors but also their families, makes her a real asset to our team. 

Thank you Arlene and Lashawntae for being invaluable members of our team and for all that you do!