Volume 15 | June 13, 2018
We Make People and Companies Happier by Bringing Them Together
Imagine all of our country's newspapers as one. Now, imagine that paper's classified section. Think of how many "Help Wanted" ads are in there. Now, believe that by putting your ad in there, the best person who you want to hire will see it and respond to you. What are the odds of that happening?

That's the faith that company's are putting in LinkedIn, Indeed and Zip Recruiter job postings. Does it make more sense to hire a specialist to seek out the person you want and appeal to them directly? Are your most important assets people?

We should talk about your open role. We'll find you the best candidate you want.

In this issue:
  • Christopher gives to get to give
  • Ansley sees it all the way through
  • Joel crowdsourced before people...crowdsourced
  • Jessica is expanding spheres of experience
Proust Pop Quiz
Christopher Jones is Partner of Warhol & WALL ST. , an agency that helps brands cut through the clutter and be heard. They do: design & illustration, video, creative marketing, branding, digital strategy, analytics, social media, mobile & web design, interactive, UX & UI and event production.

I first met Christopher when I volunteered for an AAF committee a couple of years ago. "Community"...he walks the walk. He takes the quiz this month.

When and where were you happiest?
Deep. I'll try to answer this with an instance of happiness and a caveat that I'm most happy when I have balance in my life. So here goes, it was a warm morning in New Orleans... But semi-seriously, it was a very hot day in New Orleans and my first time there and that far South. I was there speaking at a conference (my second time ever) and eager to see Bourbon Street, the tours, eat alligator, you get it. It was a trip experience where I got to challenge my professional side as well as travel and explore such a great city and culture in N'awlins. I still remember each day of that trip, from the Junior Achievement workshop I taught at a local high school with other colleagues, to the nervousness I felt before my workshop presentation and how fast I slyly fled the room to solace after a successful performance, to my first beignet and trip down Bourbon Street, to the great people and national connections that I made and still have today. That was a truly balanced trip; no worries, some business, all exploration, great new friends, personal challenges failed and achieved, drive solidified.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
I t may sound cliche, but I'm a Cleveland kid who moved to Columbus to attend The Ohio State University and used my intelligence, curiosity, and drive to gain the ability to build an awesome company, with my business partner, that has not only allowed us to utilize our creative strategy and crazy but sound ideas to help our clients cut through the clutter and be heard. But, more importantly, the opportunities to learn, teach, help, collaborate, volunteer, and build with those around me, especially my family, continues to be an amazing experience.  

What is your current state of mind?
Growth, Community, Opportunity, Creativity, and Travel! Each one of those words reflect personal and professional goals that I have in the near future whether it's the Growth that Warhol & WALL ST. has experienced helping our clients cut through, my personal fitness goals, or watching and helping my family and friends achieve their goals faster (or them helping me!). Community is everything; I just received my Master's in Marketing and Communications with a focus on Micro-influencers, so I'm excited to continue my work and explore strategies behind true community building, both professionally and within my community, empowering others to use their voices to transform this world for the better and Make Marketing Fun Again (an oxymoron for a marketer, I know, but impossible is nothing :-). Opportunity, I believe, is all around and ever present, no matter who you are, where you're from, or what you've experienced. Turn the other cheek to anyone who tries to steal your mojo to seek genuine opportunity; it's great fuel for your drive and amazing for your mindset. Speaking of mindset, finding my Creativity was a life-saver for me and I want to keep that creative spirit in everything that I do - especially in giving because I believe heavily that (in my personal life) service to others is the rent that you pay for your room here on Earth and (in my professional life) that you should give to get to give. Why not have fun AND help others along the way? Travel is easy; we all need it, we don't get enough, it's fun to explore new places and meet new people, and I plan to soon!

Keep it Creative 
Friends in the Biz
I love to hear about all of the good things going on with the unique people who are a part of my life. New roles, great ideas, accomplishments and whatever else that gives me a kick are celebrated and shared here. 

Ansley Phillips has been a dedicated board member to AAF Columbus for over three years and is about to kick off her fourth year next month as Chair of the Programs committee. My own experience with AAF Columbus in this time has led to Ansley and I talking over beers about what's happening with our industry and all the good people in it. The best part is the amount of time we spend joking and laughing with one another.

That's the thing about AAF Columbus, says Ansley, "I learn about people's business and the industries that they're a part of. The diversity of skill sets and the variety of people are what keep me so involved in the organization." This can often equate to business opportunities. "I love having someone to call for recommendations about collaborators. For instance, while working here at WD Partners , it's been great having the opportunity to work with Makeway which is a relationship that started years ago and has been consistent since then."

Her enthusiasm for AAF continues on. "We're just getting started with the new year (summer start) and with the board we have, it's going to be a great year! We're going to build 2.0 versions of what was successful last year and build new ones (program events). A focus will be on members-only events," she said. There's an upcoming AAF event, AdFun that will be taking place and hosted by Versa on June 21st starting at 5:30pm. Beverages, snacks and sunshine are all free! You can register here .

Ansley is an Associate Creative Director with WD Partners. She got into the advertising/marketing business after she was graduated from CCAD. "I came to creative through strategy. What I enjoy so much about my current role is seeing solutions all the way through," she shared with me. On WD Partners she said, "We've been tied, traditionally, to retail. It's an evolving time and it's been all about creating brand experiences." She went on, "It extends from a sense of place." For Ansley, it's all about the variety of work she gets to do. "I love the mix of work I do. Whether it's a video shoot, reimagining a company's headquarters to re-engineering an old favorite store or restaurant, I appreciate all the different opportunities that I get to be a part of everyday."

Joel Jackson loves drawing. He told me this right at the top of our recent conversation and then went on to share his robust creative journey. First off, breaking news...his new portfolio site just went live yesterday (Tuesday): joeljackson.design . If you like what you see, hire him! "I've taken a bit of a turn recently - it's time to focus on my illustration," he said.

His drawing gets him around and he gets things done. "I've done 3-D, windows, environments, email, storyboards, brochures, menu signs, comic books, creative direction for a children's television show and more. Wait...go back. Creative direction for a children's television show? " We're The Shazzbots got started when one of the guys with the band asked, 'Would you be interested in making a television show?' My answer has led me to designing sets, creating/designing/building puppets and even puppeteering." There's the added cool to this kid's show with Joel winning an Emmy for set design. He is one of four producers who also won additional Emmys for Editing and Directing. On working with the assembled team, Joel said, "All of our powers combined created a Shazzbot Voltron."

Here's The Shazzbots' website . You can see The Shazzbots' pilot here . "The beauty of the band is they reach preschoolers to 10 year olds and beyond. It's a band for the whole family." The Shazzbots' third album, " Lightspeed " is coming out soon and the album art was designed by Joel. One last note about the band, Joel says, "There's going to be a big live event coming soon and it's going to be amazing!"

Sticking with the original theme of this profile...Joel's the creator and owner of 2-Headed Monster Comics . He loves to draw! "My style is cartoony, but distinct." He's hoping to get two more issues of Radio Free Gahanna out this year. Also, he said, "James Moore is the Writer I work with and we're working on pitches to take to publishers." This way of going about things has been how Joel has operated since at least high school. He said, "I'm not waiting for anybody - I'm going to do it myself. I crowdsourced before it was a thing. I walked around the lunch room in high school getting funding for my 200 page graphic novel collecting money in a hat."

You can see more of Joel's work on his Instagram , Facebook and Tumblr . It's worth repeating, "I'm not waiting for anybody - I'm going to do it myself."

Jessica Hamlin is someone I always seem to see at events around Columbus or I run into her at coffeeshops working away and connecting with others. She's recently launched her PR/Marketing/Web consultancy business, Ascend | Media Matters. A client of note would be Lyft , that has her managing PR and promotions programs. The best part of her business she says is, "having the ability to be nimble and responsive to client needs whether that's standard or urgent in any given situation." Here's your opening: she's available for short-term and long-term projects. Get ahold of her to talk more about what may be possible. Phone: (614) 277-1966 or jessica_hamlin@hotmail.com.

In addition to being a PR & Marketing pro, she's been teaching at the college/university level for ten years. At Franklin University , she's taught public relations, marketing and business classes. "I love that non-traditional students with every 'aha moment' they get, has the potential to change the whole family's story," she said. At CCAD , she's taught Social Media Campaigns & Strategies. "We were able to give students the experience of working with clients in 'real life' scenarios," she said of the course, which she compared to a capstone project. "I was able to source the clients and over the course of three months, the students and I were able to deliver solutions. It was unique being able to work with students like employees." Also this year, she was at Urbana University teaching Basic Communications - Verbal & Non-verbal. "I was able to engage and compel the students to expand their sphere of experience and how they fit into the world as their own generation," she explained.

Jessica is the Past-President of the Columbus Chapter of the American Marketing Association . On her experiences she said, "It's formative to any marketer's career. I gained life-long friendships and got to meet and work with colleagues because of our relationship to the organization."
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