Help shape the scope of VISION 2050
We just started the scoping phase for VISION 2050. This is the time to identify the important issues that should be addressed as the region extends the regional growth strategy to 2050. What are you most concerned about as the region gets ready for another 1.8 million people by 2050? Please take a look at the VISION 2050 scoping notice or attend an upcoming listening session. We want to hear your input!
Downtown Bellevue, one of the region's growth centers

Updated Centers Framework recommended for approval

The Regional Centers Framework took a major step forward this month as the Growth Management Policy Board voted to recommend the framework for approval by the Executive Board. Centers play a pivotal role in how the region accommodates growing population and employment, and this updated framework is designed to help centers be successful fulfilling that role. 

Among some important changes in the framework: recognizing major military installations, encouraging larger centers to plan for more growth, and creating a new path for designating manufacturing/industrial centers. A big thank you to staff and elected leaders who put so much work into this project. The Executive Board is expected to take action on the centers framework in March.

Draft Regional Open Space Conservation Plan available for review

Regional parks, farms, forests, and wilderness areas are all part of the region's spectacular open space network. As the region continues to grow, it's more important than ever to have an effective plan for protecting open space. PSRC has been working with partners to develop a first-ever Regional Open Space Conservation Plan. I encourage you to review the draft and give us feedback.
Terry Ryan and Connie Ladenburg elected to lead the Economic Development Board
Snohomish County Councilmember Terry Ryan and Pierce County Councilmember Connie Ladenburg were unanimously elected to serve two-year terms as President and Vice President of the Economic Development Board.  The board gave a big round of applause to outgoing President Catherine Stanford, Deputy Mayor of Lake Forest Park, thanking her for outstanding service to the board and region. 
A major focus of the board going forward is implementation of the new Regional Economic Strategy. Current implementation actions include a commercial space study and securing design, production, and final assembly of the Boeing New Midsize Airplane.

I welcome your feedback on our work at PSRC. You can reach me at .

Executive Director
Puget Sound Regional Council
February 12, 2018