Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
(Hebrews 12:1)
Susanna Koh, the wife of kidnapped Malaysian pastor Rev. Raymond Koh,
stands next to a picture of VOM founder Rev. Richard Wurmbrand,
who was also kidnapped and imprisoned for his faith for fourteen years.
December 21, 2019
From the Foleys

What are you doing New Years Eve? Persecuted Christians are sharing their prayer requests with us in a 24 hour Facebook event

May I challenge you to ring in the New Year by praying for urgent prayer requests from actual persecuted Christians in 24 countries that will be posted on our VOMK Korean language, Chinese language, and Russian language Facebook pages hourly beginning at 6PM Korea time on New Year’s Eve?

From 6PM on December 31 to 6PM on January 1, we will post a new prayer request at the top of every hour from a Christian in one of 24 countries where Christianity is either banned or heavily restricted.

This prayer campaign is unprecedented because we will be praying for specific persecuted Christians by name, using their specific prayer requests, and we will be providing actual photos from these Christians to help us pray. These are not general prayer requests for Christians in hostile and restricted nations. These are specific requests from specific brothers and sisters whose stories we know and have verified. They are partners with us and with our sister Voice of the Martyrs organizations around the world.

Preparations for the 24-hour prayer campaign began in early fall. First, our sister mission Voice of the Martyrs US had to identify persecuted Christians who were willing to share. Then they had to gather their prayer requests and related photos, carefully sanitizing them by changing names and blocking out details that could put them in danger. Then we at VOMK translated the requests into Korean, Chinese, and Russian for each of our Voice of the Martyrs Korea Facebook pages.

A partial list of the 24 countries from which we will be sharing prayer requests includes Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Syria, and Cameroon. As I write this, Dr. Foley and I are in Cameroon, which makes the sharing of the prayer requests from here deeply personal to us. We are here providing trauma counseling and persecution training to church leaders who are caught in the crossfire between government and separatists but who are faithfully shepherding the flock of God at great personal cost. The thing the Cameroon pastors asked us for again and again was for Christians in other countries to ...

To read the rest of Pastor Foley's update on our blog, click here.
The Chinese government is legally preventing children
in China from attending religious services.
This Christmas, rally your congregation's support to 
provide a "Sunday School in a Box" to Chinese children so that their
parents might have the materials necessary to disciple them in the home!
Global Links
"A Christian woman in the
village of Dak Lak lost her home
and land recently when villagers decided to expel her
because of her Christian faith."
Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA
NK Links
Voice of the Martyrs Korea disciples sex-trafficked North Korean women, their Chinese husbands, and their children in China. Now, many of these families are immigrating to South Korea and their children are facing significant challenges.
Doers of the Word
What is VOMK’s new year’s resolution for 2020?
To equip all those associated with VOM Korea to be a voice of the martyrs to their families, friends and churches.
Tune in now to learn how you can be a voice in your own sphere of influence.

Click here to view the video.
Pastor Tim's Prayer Points
  • North Korean families do not defect at the same time – it is too dangerous. One family member will go first to pave the way for the others to come later. It will often take several years for a whole family to defect. Mrs. P’s (her husband was a Christian martyr in NK) daughter is in the process of defecting to South Korea right now. Please pray for her health and protection. Also, pray that Mrs. P’s two children will honor their parents by faithfully following the Lord.

  • One of our former UU China students was recently called into the local government office due to some theological books he purchased online. Apparently, they were books that had not been sanctioned by the government. The police were able to track the website and the fact that he had purchased them from the website. His books were seized, and he is expecting the police to search his home/church for more materials. Please pray for this pastor as this is only one of the ways that he is experiencing pressure from the Chinese government.

  • Pray for North Koreans who have already obtained a Bible. By air, land, or sea, Bibles are continually entering North Korea! Today an estimated 8% of North Koreans have seen a Bible with their own eyes! Still, the penalty for seeing or owning a Bible remains as harsh as ever. Pray that God covers the eyes of officials so that these North Koreans might read his words…and pray that even the officials themselves might have their own spiritual eyes opened by the Lord so that they too may receive the word! 

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