Spring forward
What a delight daylight savings has been! Often times, we get spring fever and begin to get excited about home remodeling projects, getting properties on the market or looking for properties to invest in. We are here to happily assist you in any way we can to help you achieve your dreams, well at least your property dreams. We hope this mid-month newsletter helps to inspire or educate you with resources or ideas you might have not been aware of. Let us know if you would like to see topics covered in which we haven't and of course we're always open to feedback as well.
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Handy Tips And Trends
Have you thought about purchasing a parcel of land, but are not to sure what you'd like to do with it? The fine folks over at Retipster have come up with a few creative land uses idea that might be just what you're looking to invest in and even give back to your community.
Splurging on a few items in your home can be a great decision for both your enjoyment and the resale value. The National Association of Realtors put together a simple list of upgrades that will really benefit the value of your home.
Trying to keep up with trends and have a remodel in sight? Two words-goodbye granite. Out with the old and in with the new as they say. Quartz, natural stones and even marble are hitting the stage as we roll forward into 2018. High traffic areas demand solid durability and granite is beginning to fall behind. Take a look at a few other options to consider for your new countertop.
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What we're watching

We've been watching this for quite a few seasons now and really appreciate the fresh looks that Chip and Joanna put into each home. Plus, they've even started their own line of home goods, which we cannot get enough of.

You just can't beat this classic show. From handy tips to customized cabinets, the folks here know how to repair and rebuild.

The diy network really nailed this one on the head. Nicole Curtis and her crew really get after each historic house preservation to help bring run down neighborhoods back to a place of pride for families to dwell.

This Netflix original really spoke to us here in the mountains. An indulgent watch where you can't take your eyes off these skilled chainsaw masters. Anyone make a totem pole lately? If you need inspiration for the next show piece in your house, we highly recommend these fine Canadians at Pioneer Homes.
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