February 2019
The volunteer spirit
Why would you want to give up your Tuesday nights? 

That question has been asked of Thrive! volunteers, and the responses have been amazing. Thrive! volunteers include Allies, meal donors, youth workers, and guest presenters who share their time and talents freely with people who are working toward financial and relationship stability to be better parents, workers, partners, and community members.

Volunteers are people like Chris, a social worker; Laura, a school food service director; Betsy, an information technology executive — and many more!

Find out how Thrive! can fill your volunteer spirit with a role that fits your skills and abilities from Elaine Johannes, Thrive! board member and Ally coordinator.
What brings you joy?
This simple question, written in dry erase marker on a well-used white board, prompted Thrive! Leaders and Allies to reflect.  As they did, a sense of calm filled an otherwise conversation-filled dining hall. 

Tana Warner, Thrive! Coach, shares the purpose behind weekly journaling.  “We introduced journaling as a tool to help our leaders reflect. Many of our leaders live in survival mode. When you are in crisis mode, you get through it. You don’t take time to see how you’ve changed, what you faced. Weekly journaling gives our families a chance to unload — to capture what is going on.”

Each week, Thrive! families and volunteers receive a reflection prompt. Some families, especially those with younger children, work together sharing their thoughts. Other families quietly write and offer each other the option to share. The process is highly flexible. 

“When we can reduce stress, we can build on our strengths,” explains Tana. “The journals will eventually help leaders look back in 6 months and see how they’ve grown. It’s all about building resilience.”

Journaling was introduced as part of the current skill focus: Reducing Stress for A Healthier You. 
Thrive! launches a book club

In March, Thrive! will host its first book club. 

Participants will be reading The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity  by Nadine Burke Harris.  

If you are interested in learning more, contact Jayme Morris-Hardeman at  director.thriveflinthills@gmail.com or 877-376-0032.
Thank you!
Thank you to the following churches, community groups, and restaurants for helping provide our Tuesday evening meals in January and February. We appreciate all you do to support Thrive!

  • St. Thomas More Catholic Church
  • Harvesters@ Faith Evangelical Free Church
  • Little Apple Pilot Club
  • Kansas Farm Bureau WIN
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • Mr. Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs