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I can do THIS

I'm often overwhelmed - and always on Earth Day - with the question of What can I do?

It seems so helpless. So futile. I often don't know where to begin.

And then I remember that all great journeys, all great solutions, begin with taking a step from right where I am.

I can't fix the big problem, I can't make other people change, but I CAN do stuff within my control close at hand. I can make pro-environment choices with my money and with my time. And because I'm privileged to be a landowner, with my land.
This year Carol and I are leasing some of our two acres to a farmer who's going to grow organic food and sell it to neighbors. We reached out and got help from Land For Good. We listed our land with the Maine Farmland Trust. Michaela found us on the internet and has moved here from Colorado to start a farm. I'm not sure I've ever done anything more important.

I'm not trying to brag, just demonstrate what can be done. You might not have farmland but I'm pushing you to do something with whatever you have. By doing SOMETHING helps me find peace in a troubling world. It doesn't have to be a big thing. In fact, a small thing close at hand is much more likely to actually get done and make a difference.

And I know it's temping to think "What can I buy or spend money on that will help?" You might consider instead, "What can I give away or give up that will help?"

Michaela has made two little videos about her new farm. One is linked to the photo of her and her friend planting seedlings. The other is linked to the photo of her holding dirt. They are both very cute and very inspirational. Click on the photos. Turn on the sound.
Meeting Ground Rules Free Training
WEDNESDAY, April 26, 1pm Maine Time, No Charge, Register Here

What are “meeting ground rules” anyway, and why should we have them?

Facilitators often explain ground rules at the start of a meeting, but why? And what types of ground rules should a meeting have? And how are they best used?

Whether you’re an expert facilitator or just someone who wants better meetings, join me to discuss the value of ground rules. What works well. And what doesn’t. And how to use ground rules to your advantage. Just 50 minutes.

After some basic training about group decision-making in general and about ground rules specifically, we will have a little talk show. YOU can be one of my guests of you want! And of course I will take your questions about all aspects of meeting ground rules.

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Eight Core Practices from
one of the best

Many of you know I'm a big fan of Michael Wilkinson.

In this podcast Michael is interviewed by Suzie Price and explains why FACILITATIVE leaders have more success.

Honestly, he had me at the first practice: start with the why, engage with the how.

Michael is so smart and experienced. Time listening to his wisdom is usually time well-spent.

The timing and topics are broken down for you; listen to just what you want.
Maine Leads the Nation, yet the Nation is Threatened

Maine leads the nation in voter protections such as same-day voter registration and not requiring a photo ID to vote. And Maine's voter turnout is high compared to other states.

Yet still, a third of Maine's population doesn't vote.

These are just some of the findings from a new study released last week by Democracy Maine, a collaboration between the League of Women Voters of Maine, Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, and Maine Students Vote.

The report highlights several things we can be proud of. For one thing, the percentage of women in our Legislature is 17% higher than it was 20 years ago, and 60% of Maine's cabinet-level positions are currently held by women.

Yet nation-wide, Democracy is under threat. In the last ten years voting rights have come under assault in 22 states, the study finds, and Maine should be prepared to defend against such measures here in the future. In my view, there is nothing more important than easy access to voting and the integrity of our electoral system. I rather like the idea that TOGETHER we decide; that means all of us, in a process beyond reproach.

Enjoy the course at your own pace online. It has videos, written explanations, a 9-page outline of specific techniques, and a checklist of planning steps for facilitators. And it includes a Hardcover, Kindle, or Nook edition of my book - Together We Decide, An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions - your choice.
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