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Thank you for your concern after the eruption of Volcano Fuego. So many have asked if our friends in Guatemala are safe and, “Is there anything I can do to help?” The answer is, “YES”!

First, the good news. While Volcano Fuego is only 35 miles from Clinica Ezell, none of our children in the ABC program nor their families was lost. They were far enough away to be safe, but not far enough away not to be impacted by loss of friends. Your prayers for their comfort and peace from their fears would be helpful at this time.

We have begun distributing gloves and a specific type of N95 mask. We also need to distribute Tiva water filters, rice, beans and Incaparina (an inexpensive high-protein food made of cottonseed , sorghum flours , maize , yeast , etc, mixed with water to form a beverage used to prevent protein-deficiency diseases). These are being purchased in bulk and immediately distributed through our relationships with the local volunteer fire departments, churches, individuals and community partners.

If you would like to help, please go to our website
and click the appropriate Fuego Relief donor button. 

We thank you in advance. This is an opportunity to shine Jesus’ light in a very dark time. We appreciate your partnership to help provide “a cup of cold water”.