What can a tube do best?

You might think the vacuum tube has burned itself out of electronics, but its filaments are still burning brightly in certain quarters. Many electronics enthusiasts still have a love for vintage tube-type gear and consider it to be among their most prized possessions. How about you? Do you work with vacuum tubes? If so, what is your favorite application?

What say you?

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Vacuum Tubes

Tube or not tube? Hams are still on the best of terms with "hollow state" electronics!

For audiophiles, musicians, and ham radio operators, the soft glow of the vacuum tube filament is not only an indication of function, but a nostalgic trigger for memories of simpler times. Though they may have been outpaced by tiny transistors and integrated circuits, these workhorses still may have something to offer in many modern devices.
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Is there an emulator for a Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX VMS 4.7 machine, either running on an SBC (Single Board Computer), or possibly an image that ...
Could someone explain in simple terms how an AMP clamp works? Does it have a transformer in it or Hall-effect sensors or similar?
I would like to be able to drive a 4x20 line LCD with a VGA output from an old computer. Is there a simple interface to do this?
I'm refurbishing a tube-type Hallicrafters shortwave receiver. I was planning on using a solid-state plug-in replacement for the rectifier tube ...
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Build Your Own Magnetometer

One of the neatest gadgets made possible by modern IC technology is the magnetometer. For less than $25, you can construct a fun and durable tool to measure magnetic fields (static or varying) produced by currents, permanent magnets, pieces of iron, or the Earth itself.
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Big Band Sound from the Palm of Your Hand

The Macchiato - An inexpensive kit that delivers a wealth of polyphonic sound.

Derived squarely from the synth circuitry roots that are deeply entrenched in the pioneering work of American synthesizer maestro, John Simonton of PAiA fame and the legendary analog 1980s Pro-One synthesizer from Sequential Circuits, this offering from Zeppelin Design Labs is much more than just a kit.
Zepplin - Theremin Midi Controller DIY Kit
Capacitors _ The Family Tree
Capacitors - The Family Tree

Open a parts vendor's catalog to the capacitor section and you'll find an amazing variety of choices. Why are there all these different types? Rest assured that there are perfectly good reasons for each. Find out why and how to tell what type is right for your project.
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Electronics For Kids
Book Pick Of The Week
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If you have kids, grandkids, or are yourself a kid at heart, this book is the perfect resource to get started learning and building cool electronics experiments that will fascinate. We've always been fans of learning by doing, and here is as good a collection as we've seen of fun projects that will bring the electronics lessons to life. Don't let the title fool you; just because it says "For Kids" doesn't mean it's a watered down version of the basics. High level concepts are presented in a language any kid from 10 to 110 can understand. 
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