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Vol. 3, Issue 1  (March 5/15)
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Job quality is down, according to CIBC

business_ppl3.jpg CIBC latest Canadian Employment Quality Index report shows an ongoing decline in job quality.  They calculate using the following indicators.

Full vs part-time jobs: While full time employment is increasing it has not offset the overall trend over the past 15+ years that has seen part jobs growing faster than full time jobs.

Self-employment vs paid-employment: For the purposes of this index, self-employment is ranked as lower quality employment because salary tends to be less. During the year ending January 2015, the number of self-employed workers rose four times faster than the number of paid-employees.

Composition of full-time paid employment: The trend towards the rise low-paying jobs continues.  Over the year ending January 2015, the job creation gap between low and high-paying jobs has widened with the number of low-paying full-time paid positions rising twice as fast as the number of high-paying jobs.

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Canadian employers are not fully prepared to leverage immigrants' skills

The recently-introduced fast-track entry for skilled immigrants promises their arrival within six months of applying under an electronic system.

But will the new system succeed?

That's not imminent in the near future, suggests a recent York University study, considering that local organizations are not fully prepared with well-thought out strategic integration plans for hiring immigrants arriving in the country quickly under the new system.

Read the rest of the article here.
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