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Ruptured high pressure hydraulic lines are a major concern for plant safety and operations personnel. One major concern is that a  ruptured line will start a fire by allowing the media to ignite on a nearby hot surface. An additional concern is that during a fire, hydraulic lines can rupture and further fuel the fire. U nder high pressure the released fluid can atomize and spray, creating a torch-like effect upon ignition. Depending on the type of rupture, hose material and pressures involved, the length of the directed flame can be up to 20 feet long. This coupled with the erratic motion of the ruptured lines greatly compounds an already dangerous situation.

Installing high pressure FM approved thermal shut-off valves on the outlet of tanks and upstream of any flexible hose will allow the flammable media to be contained in a manageable and secure area.

Our HPS Series is a 6,000 PSI stainless valve with NPT end connections  and Delrin seats. The valves are API 607 fire safe and can be mated with our FM approved thermal shut-off assemblies as part of a comprehensive fire safety system. Alternatively, the valves can mounted to  our electric or pneumatic actuators as part of an automated system.

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Concept to Completion Video - Hydraulic Tank
Concept to Completion Video Hydraulic Tank
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