Home of Hope is changing lives from desperate to hopeful
What a happy girl because she has food
The Feeding Project is one of our favorites! It is so simple to give $1 and feed a child.
People (just like you!) can sacrifice a coffee a week and give a hot meal to at least 1 child!

It's so easy to help! 

If everyone gave a little bit, we could feed so many more children and reach our goal of 6000 children each week.

You can help right now:
A: 4000+ children right now in over 20 locations, but our goal is to feed 6000 children!

A: Right now, we are feeding the most desperate children in each area every Saturday. 

A: It depends by location, but mostly rice, beans, chicken, bananas, cassava, stew, chapatis, and more.

The team of 6 people that went to India & Nepal are having a great trip. You can look forward to some of their pictures in our next newsletter.

Charles was so hungry
Charles is enjoying his meal from one of our locations. The Feeding Program has saved his life. This is how the program started - we saw starving and desperate children and wanted to help as soon as possible.

What can we do NOW to help these children? Sponsors are needed to pay for plates of food - just $1 a plate is all it takes. $20 will feed 20 children!

Or, you can sponsor an entire location for $320/month - this will feed around 400 children every week!

"You feed them.
- Jesus