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July 2019
What can you get for $1.57?

In Ghana, a plate of jollof rice. In India, ten cups of chai. In the United States a can of soda. And at DKT, an entire year's worth of contraceptive protection .

In 2018, DKT delivered a full year's worth of contraceptive protection for an average of $1.57, the lowest cost-per-CYP in DKT history. The country-by-country breakdown is available on our website . Family planning continues to be one of the most cost-effective methods of poverty-prevention, environment-protection, and human rights-promotion. We hope you'll consider supporting us to do more.

We're leading the way to increase access to safe abortion technology and contraception. Every day, DKT teams visit clinics, pharmacies, and shops to ensure high-quality products are available when and where people need them. We have plans to do more, including reaching challenging and conflict-prone areas in the Middle East. Our newsletter this month shares details about these plans and much more. Thank you for your interest in DKT.

Christopher Purdy, President
Celebrate Pride with Prudence
DKT Brazil's Prudence condoms, the leading condom in the market, posted its limited-edition rainbow condom and other LGBT-oriented content to its Facebook page in June. Beyond the rainbows, DKT made sure to speak to the revolution, producing this video on LGBT rights, pleasure, and other formerly taboo topics.
DKT Brazil Wins Tender of 2 Million Female Condoms
DKT Brazil and the South American region won a tender of 2 million female condoms in Chile. The female condoms, scheduled to arrive by the end of the month, mark a major step towards women's autonomy over their sexual health.

In March, hundreds of women in Chile marched with the International Community of Women Living with HIV to push for policy changes for women's sexual health and rights, one of which was the registration of and access to female condoms.

Once on the market, DKT Brazil will scale the distribution of female condoms, allowing thousands more women to dictate their sexual and reproductive health destinies.
Sutra Condoms Market for Millennials
DKT Indonesia's latest campaign for Sutra Condoms might surprise some long-time Sutra fans. You won't find sexy models or motorcycles in this campaign. Instead #LakiPastiNgerti, or Men Must Understand, takes the perspective of a young woman. Through storytelling, viewers follow her young romance as it grows, and as Sutra ties it all together.

Implementing this new campaign is just one of many steps DKT Indonesia has taken to stay relevant to the changing market and millennial consumers.
DKT plans to open a new office in Jordan by the end of the third quarter. This new space will contribute to DKT Egypt's sales and operations across the Middle East and North Africa.
DKT Nigeria has registered the Caya Diaphragm, a reusable, hormone-free, and woman-controlled contraceptive method.
DKT Online & In the Media
DKT Ghana promotes the Lydia Moments radio show on 91.9 FM. Listeners can call in confidentially with questions to all their contraceptive concerns.
Does the implant cause cancer?
DKT Democratic Republic of Congo posted a series of myth-busting Facebook content, the first of which addressed the common misconception that the hormones in implants are carcinogenic.