Spring is in the Air
March 2020
March is finally here so hopefully warmer weather is not too far behind. This month our focus is lip lines. We get BOTOX for our crow's feet and forehead lines, and filler for our cheeks, but the lip area doesn't get very much attention. We're hoping to change that with useful tips on treatments for liplines.

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Plus get answers on how to firm up a "turkey neck" in our FAQ section.

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What Are Lip Lines, What Causes Them?

Combination Approach Best for Lip Lines
"Those pesky little lines around my mouth." That's how many of our patients describe tiny wrinkles that form around lip edges and above their upper lip. They're often referred to as "smoker's lines" but you can get them even if you've never smoked a day in your life.

That's because "smoker's lines" are not caused by cigarettes but rather by our daily habits and expressions, such as pursing our lips, smiling, laughing, eating and sipping through a straw. Other factors can contribute to lip lines as well, such as environmental exposure, cold, wind, UV rays and etc...

VIDEO: Tips on treating lip lines and wrinkles
TMR stands for Topical Muscle Relaxer. This unique pharmaceutical grade peptide serum helps reduce the appearance and recurrence of facial wrinkles such as furrow lines, smoker's lines and crow's feet. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced without any paralysis or loss of natural expression. With regular use, skin looks visibly younger. For prolongation of results, may be used with BOTOX® and filler injections.
Dear Dr. Steyn,

I'm approaching my 60's and I'm starting to notice a "turkey neck" situation happening under my chin. I'm not interested in surgery at this point in my life but I'm wondering if skin-tightening or some other treatment can help. Thank you, Georgia.

Dear Georgia,

Thank you for your question.
Your concern is quite common here at the clinic. As we age, the effects of gravity coupled with loss of collagen and fat causes our skin to sag and develop into a "turkey neck" just as you describe. If you're not interested in surgery right now then there are some excellent minimally-invasive options that can firm up the neck. Continue reading...

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