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June Members Meeting
Public Safety Officer Panel Discussion
Last Friday, June 11th, we held our June members meeting, which was a law enforcement panel discussion moderated by Mary Wynne of Fusion Learning Partners. We were delighted to feature these public safety officers as panelists:

  • Erika Scheider, Roseville Police Chief
  • Phil Baebenroth, Ramsey County Commander, Patrol Operations
  • Jeff Spiess, St. Anthony Police Captain
  • Tony Paetznick, New Brighton Public Safety Director 

The panelists began by discussing what has been going well in their offices, as well as their challenges. It's no surprise that the past year has been full of trauma and adversity for law enforcement officers. As a result, one effort emphasized by departments is giving staff an outlet to express their mental health. For example, some offices implement yearly mandatory “Check up from the neck up” appointments that every officer and department member participate in.

Ramsey County Commander Phil Baebenroth has been studying wellness in law enforcement officers, driven by the rise in officer suicides, divorces, and other mental health related incidents. In their offices, Ramsey County specifically has been having more conversations and check-ins with officers, ensuring they are appreciated and have an outlet to express their emotions through these difficult times. 


Relationship-building efforts has been a focus of law enforcement communities, citing that a holistic approach to public safety is necessary. St. Anthony has given their officers opportunities to see a licensed psychologist and have even developed a spiritual program in addition to encouraging physical and mental fitness.

Transparency has also been important, as departments have been posting answers to citizens’ questions on their websites in order to keep their communities in the loop. St. Anthony Police Captain Jeff Spies noted that a golden lining of the past year and a half has been the opportunities of virtual meetings, as more officers can attend meetings and trainings in a virtual format.


Collaboration was a theme that echoed in the four officers’ discussions. Law enforcement departments have worked together to tackle challenges and disruptions that have become more apparent the past year. Tony Paetznick remarked “Over the past 15 months... it’s really forced us to an even greater level of cooperation and collaboration.” An example of an effective partnership is School Resource Officer programs, in which officers can directly support schools and students.

Chief Erika Scheider explained how their multicultural advisory committee has been evaluating reforms in order to better serve the community. Commander Baebenroth discussed how Ramsey County has been listening intently to the community, and in evaluating reforms, their department looks closely at who is advantaged and disadvantages from policies.

We thank the panelists for their efforts in supporting the physical, mental, and spiritual health of their employees, and we thank them for their efforts in collaboration in Ramsey County and abroad. Thank you for keeping our communities safe and healthy!
Thank you to those who participated!

July Meeting
Mark your Calendar!

Friday, July 9th |
7:30 - 9:00 AM | Virtual

Featuring former MN politician Mindy Greiling and panel

More details to come!

Registration Now Open!
Changing the Landscape of Land Use: Planning for Equity and Sustainability
The purpose of the Changing the Landscape of Land Use conference is to engage participants in conversations and collaborative learning that will help inspire and advance equitable and sustainable land use practices, policies and outcomes. Topics include environment/ climate change, equity & inclusion, affordable housing, transportation, community engagement, sustainable planning practices and more!

The 2021 Virtual Land Use Conference will take place on Wednesday, July 21st from 8:30am – 2:00pm and on Thursday, July 22nd from 9:00am – 12:00pm CST.
To All of Our Educators! You're Invited
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Transforming Learning Summit
Virtual Conference |August 11 & 12, 2021
Building a Culture of Learning

This two-day, virtual Summit will bring together hundreds of leaders and professionals from across the spectrum of K-12 educational settings and functions, along with their private, public and civic sector partners to advance learning and share best practices. 
This year’s Summit aims to address the urgent needs of educators and school administrators in the areas of student and educator mental health, diversity, equity, inclusion, student centered learning, technology, assessment, virtual learning & so much more! We understand the challenges educators are facing right now and want to be responsive and supportive!
Registration fee includes access to all conference content
+ access to recordings of all sessions!
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