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AVSA Weekly Growing Tip
 April 25, 2016
Welcome to today's Growing Tip email from the African Violet Society of America.

This African violet is trying to talk...

Are you listening?

Notice that tilt toward the light?
Can you see the leaves tipping toward the light in the photo to the right? When those elevated leaves are reaching for the light they are trying to tell you something.

"Turn me!" Rotating the plant in the about 90° regularly (every day or once every week) will cause the plant to grow more consistently flat. This is especially important for window-grown violets.

"Move me!" This plant's tilt is more extreme than other plants along the same edge of the light shelf. Rather than just turning it, it really wants to move toward the center of the shelf where the light is generally brighter.

"Pay attention!" Every violet has a genetic need for a certain amount of light. Some want more and some are happy with less. Growers need to read the signs to get each plant in its ideal location and position. Make it part of your growing routine and you'll soon hear your violets saying "Thank you!" 

More questions about lighting?  Also check out these AVSA Vendors who specialize in light systems for violets-  Indoor Gardening Supplies and Arcadia Glasshouse
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