Summer Mission Season is Here

How was your summer? At Holy Cross we've once again been busy with painting and repairs, as well as building a new play area. The students had a great time at vacation bible school and some made great progress in their literacy and numeracy during summer camp.

In this newsletter I bring you a collection of photos and stories from our teams, including the fascinating inside story on how All Saints Episcopal put together an effective mission team that know how to work together.

Enjoy reading and PLEASE FORWARD to any of your friends who love hearing your Holy Cross stories.
All Saints Episcopal
There's no doubt about it - All Saints Episcopal knows how to put together an effective mission team. In just one week they repaired roofs, built a new play area for our upper division, built bike racks, repainted and repaired the lower division playground and much, much more.

But interestingly, getting a lot done was not this teams mission focus. Read more about how All Saints' focus on building deep friendships makes them such an effective mission team, and continues helping long after the mission trip is over.
Love Share help with literacy and math
Some children just need an extra hand with reading and math and sadly not all parents know how to give it.

This year Love Share took up the challenge of running a fantastic two week summer camp. In addition to working on key reading and math skills, the students also received a much needed dose of love, encouragement, a safe place to play and the chance to be creative.

Click here to read more.
Vacation Bible School with a popular twist
A first time team from Resurrection Church in Missouri ran a fun vacation bible school. After three weeks of summer holidays, our students were very happy to come and enjoy the fun activities and new friendships.

After VBS the team left out craft supplies and games, which the children LOVED playing with for hours.

Youth teams
Summer would not be complete without the energy and enthusiasm of youth mission teams.

This year the St Luke's youth mission team returned and finished the job of repainting our library - which now looks incredible. They also helped our teachers with exams and enjoyed playing with the children. Read more about their experiences and reflections.

St John's youth mission team made their first trip to Belize and did an incredible job of painting our infant division classrooms for the new year. They also added a fun splash of color to our upper division in the form of a new mural. Read more.
There's more to do - we need mission teams
There's always more to do. Between termites in the office wall, hundreds of feet of decking and dozens of shutters, we need help keeping up with repairs, let alone starting new projects.

You can help by:
  • Telling your church or college students that Holy Cross is a great mission team or alternative spring break destination
  • Get together a team/group of friends to spend a week building at Holy Cross
  • Send money to fund a repair.

Visit our volunteer page to find our more.
Any space for these in your bag?
Please, if you're heading our way, take a look at our wishlist.
Current top needs are:
  • Toner for Kyocera TK-1172 (link)
  • Pocket Folders
  • Filler Paper
  • Wide tip permanent markers
  • Heat activated laminating sheets
Thank you once again for your ongoing support. We truly appreciate your help over the years, and the many of you who mention our name on Facebook, tell their friends about us, put together mission teams, ship school supplies, pay school fees for the students who cannot afford them and faithfully donate in our annual fund-matching campaign. We could not do it without your support.

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter, where I'll introduce you to our new Principal.

Regards, from Lydia and the team at Holy Cross Anglican Primary School in San Pedro, Belize
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