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2016 is off to an amazing start, with ensembles galore!
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Musical Surprise starts Ensemble Programs   String, Percussion, Wind and Brass students now have an opportunity to play with others in our ensemble programs! Our first wind/brass ensemble and string ensemble groups began in February of this year and performed together as a 20-piece Musical Surprise Orchestra on stage at the Peoria Performing Arts Center at our Formal Recital on May 14, 2016 (pictured above). We will continue ensembles through the summer and again in the fall. Ask your teacher about signing up, music is more fun when played with others!

Phoenix Music Teacher's Association 64th Annual Piano Ensemble Concert was held on Feb 13, 2016 and included 3 students from Musical Surprise- Kaitlyn Byler, Angela Toale and Nathanael Wallace. Students performed in a large concert at Arcadia High School with 12 grand pianos on stage at the same time!

Play Me, I'm Yours/Emily Bear Concert   Piano s tudents Lorraine Olson, Angela Toale, Nathanael Wallace and Kaitlyn Byler played in a 24-piano ensemble with world-famous composer and performer Emily Bear (center of photo below) at the Mesa Performing Arts Center's opening of  "Play Me, I'm Yours." This exciting event included 24 pianos turned into works of art by various organizations and played by students and professional musicians in the gala concert and exhibition which opened in March. Congrats to our students who were able to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Keep your eye out for somebody you know if an upcoming video on Emily Bear's YouTube channel!

Is YOUR student ready to join an ensemble? It's not too late!  Ask us about String Ensemble, Wind/Brass Ensemble and Keyboard Klub!
Lorraine Olson, Angela Toale, Emily Bear, Nathanael Wallace and Kaitlyn Byler.
Students continue to perform around the valley!

Oh Say Did You See any Musical Surprise peeps singing the National Anthem at local sporting events? We had several students/staff performing at ballparks all over town. Great job to: Ira Gedan, Alexis Hernandez, Katie Waller and Sophia Myers.

Music Theatre productions throughout the valley were full of Musical Surprise students including: Tristan Richards, Brook Coles, Sabreena Siri, Juliet Hathaway, Madison O'Brien, Katy Denny, Kaydence Lawler, Kaih Whitfield, Hailey Byler, Riley Nellis, Jade Korzenok & Alexa Collado.

Saturday in the Park Concert was a hit again this year, with more than 70 students and staff performing rock, pop and country music at Kingswood Parke on April 16th. The crowd heard everything from the bands including Chicago to Adele to Pantera and enjoyed snacks and snowcones from local food trucks.  Pics and video coming soon, watch our Facebook page for updates!

Surprise Talent Show was a clean sweep this year! Musical Surprise students made a strong showing and won in every category. Congratulations to: Ira Gedan- 1st Place Adult Division, Laurel Gedan- 2nd Place Adult Division, Katie Waller- 1st Place Teen Division (pictured above), Ariel Wheelis- 2nd Place Teen Division and Sophia Myers- 1st Place Youth Division. Congrats to teachers Tim Juillet and Georgia Spillers. Way to represent!

Formal Recital  had our bigest turnout yet with performances from 8am-6pm and around a thousand people in attendance. Almost 200 students performed classical and traditional music on stage at the Peoria Performing Arts Center on May 14th. Students played piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, trumpet, sax, clarinet and flute as well as some great vocal performances. Pics and video coming soon, watch our Facebook page for updates!
Community Impact

Petting Zoo -  Musical Surprise provided an instrument petting zoo on March 24th during the West Valley Winds Concert at Beardsley Park. Participants were able to try out all kinds of instruments thanks to our student volunteers' help!

Legacy Awards - Musical Surprise was nominated for a Legacy Award by the Surprise Chamber of Commerce. The awards ceremony is held yearly to recognize local businesses that are making a positive impact in our community. 

Top Retailer - Thanks to everyone who voted for us as a Local Favorite in the recent City of Surprise restaurant and retailer survey- we were listed #1 in the top 5 retailers, THANK YOU!

Legacy Traditional School's Spring Fling was a success. Lots of students visited our booth at the new Legacy Traditional School's spring festival and entered our drawing for a free guitar or ukulele kit. And the winner was...Kendall Lopez!

Thanks to all  who participated in our raffle fundraiser to support our scholarship fund. We were able to provide tuition for a special student AND give away a free guitar to the winners of the raffle- Kevin & Timmy Sykes!
Goodbye Ms. Becky

We are sad to say goodbye to Rebecca Carr who has provided piano lessons and classes for the last 3 years in our studio. In addition to teaching at our studio, Ms. Becky was the elementary music teacher at Riverview Elementary in Surprise. We wish her all the best as she starts her next adventure and moves to the Netherlands.
Teacher Feature

Rachael Crossman has been a private voice and piano instructor at Musical Surprise since June of last year. Ms. Rachael received a Bachelor of Music Education and Vocal Performance from Boise State University and a Masters in Vocal Performance and Vocal Pedagogy from NYU. A self proclaimed "nerd," Ms. Rachael enjoys science fiction movies and books, musicals and made a costumed appearance at the recent Phoenix Comicon. This spring, Ms. Rachael won first place in the National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition in the adult division (pictured above).
Welcome to the following students who joined our studio or added a lesson/class this spring:  Darin A,  Lori A,  Cash A,  Chloe A,  Alexis A,  Abigail A,  Bryan A,  Benjamin A,  Jacob  A,   Adam A,  Kim A,  Noah A,  Ryan B,  John B, Lily B, Gabe B, Cloe B, Cameron B, Donica B,  Josie B,  Landon B,  Eliza B,  Kyler B,  Keely B,  Christopher C,  Emily C,  Lily C,  Kamryn C,  Casey C,  Aaron C,  Jazmyne C,  Jhaviana C,  Nicole C,  Nathaniel C,  Ricky C,  Alicia D,  Glenn D,  Sarah D,  Angela D,  Nicolas D,  Gloria D,  Blair D,  John D,  Kirra D, Kenna D, Krystina D, Christy E, Anna E, Isabelle E, Robert E, Madison F, Carole F, Natalie F, Scott F, Donald F, Adam F, Heather F, Malika F, David G, Jonathan G, Aaaron G, Joel G, Lily G, Ayrton G, Shannon G, Asia G, Michael G, Keith G, Kaden G, Valerie G, Acacia H, Bryce H, Shelley H, Jayden H, Joseph H, George H, Jim H, Karen H, Alexander H, Johnny H, Glenn H, Alexander I, Ethan I, Shaylee J, Senna J, Isabell J, Shirley J, Kellie J, Nadia J, Alexa J, Sofia J, Alex K, Chloe K, Frank K, McKayla K, Jacob L, Avery L, Josia L, Josie L, Lily L, Alexavier L, Luke L, Alan M, Madison M, Betty M, Linda M, Alora M, Ayden M, Liam M, Molly M, Ana M, Ashlyn M, Cheryl M, Lauren M, John M, Matthew M, Irene M, Stephanie N, Taryn N, Vincent N, Jana N, Jana N, Joe N, Michael O, Abigail O, Samuel P, Danielle P, Kari P, Christine P, James P, Austin P, Samantha P, Sue P, Natalia P, Dnaiel P, Samba P, Valeria R, Karson R, Clinton R, Alexandra R, Tyler R, Remy R, Jada R, Grady R, Kalea R, Josie R, Haley S, Emily S, Vivian S, Carly S, Kayla S, Chloe S, Saneya S, Paige S, Jessica S, Cori S, Alina S, Sabreena S, Gaushan S, Emily S, Carson S, Koji S, Taisho S, Tyler S, Austin S, Brody S, Stephanie S, Adrea T, Joshua T, Gwen U, Luke V, Peter V, Abbigal V, Kat W, Ashea W, Rochelle W, Dylan W, Bayleigh W, Mark W, Taylor W, Ashley W, Jasmine W and Jabari Y.
Students of the Month
Abigail Axelson

Abigail was nominated by her piano teacher, Debra McCoy. Ms. Debra says, "She has progressed so much in the past year, going through 2 levels and already playing Bach preludes! She loves playing duets and in only 1 month learned an entire book of Christmas songs at her level!" 

Abigail has participated in many events and plays monthly on her own, at a local care facility. In addition to piano, Abigail also loves playing basketball. Great job Abigail!

Rowen Marciniak

Rowen was nominated by his guitar teacher, Vic Tims. Vic says, "Rowen studies hard and puts in the time it takes to be a great musician. He is on his way to being a very competent live player!"

Rowen has played in 2 Saturday in the Park Concerts and also played lead guitar in the elementary band for Rock Star Academy last year, performing live at a local restaurant. 

Way to keep rockin' on, Rowen!
Alan McDevitt

Alan was nominated by his drum teacher, Todd Kruger (also pictured...can you find him?!?) Todd says, "Alan NEVER gives up, he takes on challenges every week with a positive attitude!" 

Alan played his first concert this year at our Saturday in the Park event. He also loves fishing and video games in addition to drumming. Keep up the great work Alan!

Way to go Skyla!

Congrats to Skyla Plankinton who scored an audition for The Voice this February. Skyla sent in her video audition and was invited back for an
in-person audition in Chicago.

Keep up the great work Skyla, what 
an amazing experience! 
Picture Day was a hit- We got some GREAT pics of our students like these!
Musical Ladder

Is YOUR student climbing the Musical Ladder? Don't miss out on this great, motivational plan to keep your student practicing and working towards their goals. Students are able to test for wristbands every 3 months and certain levels include trophy rewards! Sample trophies are at the front desk and are awarded at 6 month, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, etc. And the best part? It's FREE for our students to participate! 

Ask your teacher about the 
Musical Ladder!
Staff News

Our students aren't the only amazing talent at Musical Surprise! 

Congrats to our new Front Desk Manager, Sandy Sherwood! Sandy has done a great job working with us and was promoted in May!

Shout outs to Alexis Hernandez and Chareeze Abarquez who both received an honorable mention in the NATS competition, college division.

Congrats to Ron Finch who received an accompanist scholarship to attend NAU next year! I'm sure we'll also be hearing Ron's music in upcoming movies and video games as the world discovers his amazing talent!
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