March 2020
SVR is Reducing Waste Going to the Landfill!
You Can Too!
Reduce, Recycle, Source-Separate Food Waste, & Reuse Textiles!
I Recycle Because...

March 3rd marked 50 days to the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! SVR is ready to celebrate and we want to share the Earth Day spirit with the community!

Check out our website for contest details, join the conversation and show you care enough to recycle!
Zero Waste School!

Alisal Union School District's Jesse G. Sanchez School implemented big changes to reduce waste!

Over 850 students now separate waste streams including: food, milk, recycling, and trash.

For decades they have utilized reusable trays, but now single-use plastic spork packets are a thing of the past as SVR sponsored the purchase of reusable metal sporks. The amount of garbage produced in the cafeteria has been cut in half!! That means Jesse Sanchez will reducing the trash sent to landfill by an equivalent of
5 football fields covered with 3 feet of waste per school year (540 cubic yards of waste)!

Way to Go Jesse G Sanchez! We are Proud of Your Efforts and Accomplishments!
Alliance on Aging South County Trashion Show

SVR participated in this great event again this year! Great Mardi Gras themed fun for a good cause !

Bourbon Street Darling
Our "Darling Darlene" is stepping out onto Bourbon Street in a completely reused ensemble.

Californians dispose of 1.24 million tons of textiles per year making up 4% of the waste going to landfills. Our very own Johnson Canyon Landfill in Gonzales receives roughly 11 thousand tons per year of clothing, shoes, and accessories that could have been reused or recycled but instead will never be seen again.

This beauty is made from 5 reclaimed pieces and adorned with a headpiece made from skirt backing and a purse made of wrappers.

Bourbon Street Darling wants you to
think about the end life of your purchases and to always remember to
Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle!
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