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Today is Endangered Species Day and Carol Buckley's birthday. What a fitting coincidence and wonderful opportunity to celebrate a pioneer in the elephant welfare movement. Carol has devoted her adult life to improving the lives of elephants in captive situations and changing the conversation about this amazing endangered species. Give a shout out to Carol on the EAI Facebook page and/or consider a donation to the Build the Barn campaign to commemorate this special day.
Phase One Is Done
elephant barn construction progress
Click to view a video of our head contractor explaining Phase Two

We are very excited to announce that Phase One of the barn construction is complete. The elephant barn is being constructed in three phases, so we can continue to make progress on construction at the same time we are raising the funds to complete the barn.

Phase Two includes the sand stalls, concrete walls, and steel pipes for the corrals as well as electric and plumbing. Watch the video above to hear Hal, our head contractor, explain Phase Two and what the project entails.
We're 40% of the way to our goal!

Thank you to everyone who has given to the Build the Barn campaign and to our fundraising team. We've already raised over $20,000 toward our special $50,000 goal in the month of May. Remember, your DONATIONS ARE DOUBLED (up to $50K) by the Nature Defense Foundation.

Every donation, no matter how large or small, makes a huge difference: the faster we raise the funds, the sooner the construction crew can complete the barn and we can bring Mundi to her new elephant paradise.


We've had a great start to the campaign, with 21 team fundraisers on board. Let's keep the momentum going: are you the next member of our FOUNDING HERD?  Learn more and join the Founding Herd here .

The Founding Herd is a special team of fundraisers with a goal of raising $1,000 each toward the barn and Mundi's move. We're recruiting 40 supporters to honor each year of Carol's 4 decades of work.

Click on the video for a message from our Executive Council.

  • Access to a special Skype Q&A with Carol Buckley for all fundraisers: hear about the project firsthand and get your questions answered by Carol herself
  • Access to a screening link for the award-winning documentary UNCHAINED: host a screening at your home, school or work - or watch the film yourself
  • Barn Plaque: take your place of honor on a plaque at Elephant Refuge North America
Join the Founding Herd today and be a part of this incredible effort to bring elephants joy.
Join the team and create your own fundraiser

As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants around the world possible. Thank you!
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