Bite-Size Blog #13

What Do Hillary and Donald Eat?

The short answer is probably whatever foods are most popular in the region of the country where they're campaigning.

As for Hillary, I heard her recently tell Stephen Colbert on the Late Show that husband Bill is "still" a vegan and, as she described, he is an "open-minded" vegan. But, I just found an article where she talks about her favorite kinds of foods in NY State, her primary residence. Guess what I found.

You got it, heavy loads of meat and dairy at every meal. Of course, since she usually polls at the all-time lowest levels of truthfulness, we can't be sure exactly what she is eating--but rather, that she will tell everyone what they want to hear on every topic--if she thinks it might help her get elected.

As for Donald, he seems to be pretty proud of his Trump Steaks and, since he wants everyone to think that he's a macho man--he probably would like us to believe that he eats lots of meat at every sitting.

The Bottom Line. It's safe to assume that neither of them know (or cares) much about the connection between food AND heart disease, cancer, diabetes and all sorts of ecological sustainability issues. Sadly, President Obama does know a lot about the HUGE consequences of our food choices--but has never chosen to share that knowledge in a meaningful way with the public.

We invite Hillary, Donald and Barack to take our survey, download the results and go from there. Remember, because of environmental impacts, if you eat responsibly now, your diet today may end up saving the lives of some of your descendants.

Just for what it's worth, my bet is that Hillary would have a better 4Leaf score than Donald--she at the "Better Than Most" level and he at the bottom "Unhealthful Diet" level.

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