Snowflakes 25th Anniversary

On Sunday, July 10th Snowflakes families and their guests were serenaded by The Gilly Girls Band in celebration of 25 years of embryo donation and adoption. Here is a link to a live stream of the concert that afternoon. Enjoy! And a special message from Dr. James Dobson.

"Children are not commodities. They are not objects of rights. They are subjects of rights. Children have rights, and because they are the smallest and most vulnerable among us, they especially need special protection.” Katy Faust

Dobbs is, potentially, a positive, transformative moment for American society. Just as Brown propelled the civil rights movement, Dobbs lays the legal groundwork for social and moral change. And that is what ultimately will be needed to protect human life. Judicial decisions are meaningful, but they have limitations. Laws protecting life are vital, but they only maintain vitality when hearts and minds change, too.

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5 Imposter Syndrome Stories Embryo Adoption Parents Tell Themselves

by Nate Birt

Parenting, including parenting of adopted children, never truly reaches an endpoint. Wiser friends with more experience tell me that once you’re a mom or a dad, you’re always a dad. Unlike a Sam’s Club or Costco membership, you can’t decide on an annual basis whether to renew or cancel. And heaven forbid we try to opt out on a monthly basis, a la your Netflix subscription or monthly trash bill.

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July Snowflakes

A cool summer treat


This month we welcome 12 new Snowflakes babies.




S & T welcomed their son James, #936

N & K welcomed their son Urijah Maccabee, #937

B & S welcomed their son William, #938

M & E welcomed their daughter Abigail, #939

N & D welcomed their son Luke, #940

J & B welcomed their son Silas, #941

S & F welcomed their daughter Maria, #942

J & N welcomed their daughter Eleanor, #943

J & C welcomed their son Canaan, #944

A & J welcomed their son and daughter Tobias and Zoe, #945 & 946

A & E welcomed their daughter Claire, #947

"I was just an itty, bitty embryo," says Emory

Urijah only has eyes for mama. I love you mom!

James is dreaming of all the fun camping and hiking adventures in his future.

Sweet dreams baby Luke - a life full of love is ahead!

Dressed in white, Abigail reflects the purity of God's love for each Snowflakes baby.

BEST GIFT EVER! All Snowflakes parents are in agreement.

Canaan is happy to be stretching his arms a bit after his time in the womb.

Maria dreams about fields of sweet smelling flowers.

Beautiful Eleanor rests peacefully.

Tobias and Zoe are comforted by each other's presence.

Itty, bitty embryo Claire, has become beautiful teeny, tiny baby Claire.

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