Green Exodus Community Meeting

March 5, 2021 
4:00pm- 5:30pm

Thanks for checking out Green Exodus! Perhaps you have joined us for a few or all the four sessions in Canmore. Or perhaps you are thinking of attending for the first time. Everyone is welcome to the Community meeting on March 5.

We have been enriched by the voices of
  • Indigenous neighbours who invited us into new ways of knowing the Earth
  • Spiritual but not Religious Folk who want a community to hold the intrusive sense of awesomeness which shadows them as they step out doors and lift their eyes to the living Earth of which we are all a breathing and living part.
  • People comfortable in church buildings

This Friday we are having a Community meeting. In ever expanding circles of conversation, called a Fish Bowl, we will attend to these questions. We will not get to all of them - but they are a container.

  • What brought you to GE initially?
  • What is emerging for you?
  • What have been the surprises, the gifts?
  • What exists now that didn't exist before?
  • What is the possibility you are willing to make happen through GE?
  • In the best of all possible worlds what will GE look in a year in Canmore? In other places?
  • Who else should be here ?

Everyone will be given an opportunity to join the conversation either through speaking or sharing in the Chat.
We look forward to coming together with you to see what will emerge from our journey together and what our next brave steps will be!
Green Exodus - Gatherings

At the GE Gathering last week, we welcomed life in its spaciousness, its abundance and its brokenness. Thank you

  • Jess - inviting us into the space which surrounds us and in which we live and move

  • Jan - introducing us to Contemplative Photography -with the beautiful video above

  • Tony - your story of not feeling welcomed in Canmore and how that reminds us of our shared reconciliation journey

  • Bart - the freshness of your life in wild places and the possibility you gave us of - your / our walking together with Tony in Canmore

Green Exodus: uses contemplation, creativity, community and a fresh look at the Cosmos to realign our relationship with the Earth. Although these gatherings occur on Zoom, our focus is place-based. We are so excited that the first place to host this endeavour is Canmore! For more information contact,

Full Disclosure
The Green Exodus is an opportunity for participation

  • With each other through small and large group conversation.

  • With what is and what is more than us through various practices: noticing, meditation, contemplative photography, poetry, art, words from Wisdom Traditions.

  • In the creative, evolving urgency of our living on this Planet; both as we ourselves are creative, with joy and discovery, and as we are painfully aware of our place and potential in the evolution of our Earth.