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Add Warmth to a Room
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At Shea Interiors, we are all about the well-designed room.  Bringing a well-designed room into focus may include any number of steps, such as painting walls, purchasing new furniture, renovating a kitchen, etc.  But for your space to truly feel like home, you will want to personalize it with touches that naturally reflect your personal style and bring it to life. 

1.  Hardwood flooring
Exude warmth from the ground-up with hardwood flooring. Best of all, today's new "floating" hardwood flooring makes installation easy and mess-free. (It can be installed over any existing tile!)  

2.  Stone elements
Add richness and texture to an otherwise plain space with natural stone elements. Stone is ideal in fireplace surrounds and kitchen backsplashes. For a creative touch, add character to a mundane room with a stone accent wall.
3.  Plant life
Go green! Even if you aren't blessed with a green thumb, there are plenty of plant species that will flourish in your space. The simplest of these are the succulent family. This easygoing vegetation requires very little care but will add a bit of nature, the surest way to warm up your space.
4.  Texturize
A well-designed room engages all of your senses. By adding texture, your space becomes pleasing to your tactile sense. The ways you can "texturize" your space are limitless! Popular tactics include pillows and accessories, textured paint and today's (very cool and current!) wallpapers.
5.  Rustic pieces
New, modern furniture is great. But sometimes adding a dash of the past can lend a distinctive charm to a room. Adding unique rustic pieces, as well as those covered in velvet, suede and leather, will provide a finishing touch and prevent your home from feeling like a furniture store showroom.

After laying the groundwork for your new space, the next step should be to add warmth, depth and personality to your home.  Let Shea Interiors help you bring your home to life while naturally reflecting your personal style.

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