What do men want the most? According to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) below is a list of the most commonly requested treatments for men. U.S. News Top Doctor, John Q. Cook, M.D., gives expert advice on skin and body rejuvenation for men. Schedule a Consultation.
Eyelid Surgery. Loose hanging skin in the upper eyelid, and bulging fat pads below the eyelids make one appear fatigued and aged. Fortunately, surgery to restore the upper and lower eyelids can be of great help. READ MORE.
Neck Lift. Seeing turkey neck? If you're concerned with a loss of definition in the neck, a neck lift can restore a younger, more vital appearance. The treatment can be done as an outpatient procedure with minimal pain. READ MORE
Body Contouring. Laser liposuction offers several benefits with advanced technology making it possible to treat areas of excess fat under local anesthesia. BodyTite, a minimally-invasive treatment uses radio-frequency energy to tighten skin and reduce excess fat. READ MORE.
Halo. Remove years of damage and address multiple concerns in a single treatment with Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser. Halo treats enlarged pores, rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration, and acne scars. Downtime is minimal with great results. READ MORE.
Botox. Over 450,000 Botox treatments were performed on men last year. It temporarily softens fine lines and wrinkles — especially severe crow’s feet and frown lines. Botox can also be used to address excessive underarm perspiration. READ MORE.
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