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So last week we thought we were really cool and posted links to our past newsletters for y'all, since you asked. Imagine how stupid we felt when the emails started coming in about how the links were screwed up and they all went to the same (wrong) place. Well, it turns out that our email service was to blame (yeah right) and something funky happened between our test run and live run. Anyway, we learned what not to do, so we now have them posted on a web page that you can click to, bookmark or whatever.
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You'll notice that we now have a Facebook Share link at the bottom of certain articles. If you particularly like any of them, feel free to try it out and share with your like-minded friends (of course, you'll need a Facebook account). Just as an FYI, this is sort of a test run to get the bugs out and MAY need some tweaking. So, we'll look forward to your emails telling us what idiots we are, if it doesn't work. Don't worry, after last week, we're used to it!
It's Football Season!
Whether you're a Packers fan or Bears fan, I think we can agree that we're ALL fans of cool technology. So before Sunday's game, have a look at this week's cool reads, brought to you once again by the great people over at HITEC.
That's it, enjoy!
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If you've come on board recently and missed any of our previous newsletters, or you've deleted them and now realize what a huge mistake you've made, you can now get access to the web version by clicking here or HERE. This was kind of a last minute thing so you'll have to check out each link to see what's there, but we're gonna list all the articles there too (and spruce it up a bit), so you can find what you want more easily.

Also, don't forget you can find all the other parts of any article series in the "Series" tab located near the top of the right hand column. (It magically appears when you access any article that's part of that series.)
Turing Machines
The most powerful computer in the universe is actually the simplest.
Sometimes it's worthwhile to step back and look at the world in terms of first principles. Explore the concept of Turing Machines and experiment with a simple Turing Machine simulator.
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Functional diagram of the 4050B or 74HC4050 Hex buffer IC.
Understanding Digital Buffer, Gate, and IC Circuits - Part 1
Digital Buffer IC Circuits
Logic gate basics and a detailed look at practical TTL and CMOS digital buffer IC circuits in this first part of a five-part mini series.
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HITEC Brushless Servos
Build with Confidence!

With ultra-efficient brushless motors, industry-leading gear trains, and impressive power and precision, our HSB-9000 series of servos is the perfect choice for the most demanding of applications.

Build with confidence by choosing one of our six ultra performance servos!
The Green Standby
The Green Standby
Don't let your TV or other appliances suck power when they appear to be off.
Most of today's home appliances have no genuine off switch. They are instead equipped with standby circuitry over which users have no direct control. Even when the appliance appears to be turned off, it is still consuming energy without any purpose.

Optoisolation Test Layout
AVR C Programming Workshop - Part 16
Arduino, Some Loose Ends
Tying up some Arduino loose ends before moving on. External Interrupts, Arduino IDE Serial Monitor, Optical Isolation of Voltages.

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Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits 
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Nothing but circuits. Over 1,000 pages of 'em!

All stolen (er... used by permission) from your favorite magazines from the past and present. (That means us too!) This thing is like over two inches thick!! (It would be a bargain at half the size!)

  • Power supplies
  • Computers
  • Amplifiers
  • Sine wave oscillators
  • Flow detectors
  • Filters
  • Frequency meters
  • Infrared devices
  • Games
  • Phase detectors
  • Optically coupled devices
  • Microwave receivers
  • Signal injectors
  • Time delay apparatuses
  • Laser tools
  • Probes
  • And many other applications!

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