July 2021 Issue 2
Connecting with participants, staff find great satisfaction
Happiness and laughter are on the upswing at ProAct. ProAct staff members are enjoying more face-to-face interaction with participants. Several talk about their experience and passion for the social service field. The people with disabilities they serve are motivating, engaging and have much to offer as they share their daily lives with this dedicated group of people who pour their hearts into their work. Subscribe on YouTube
New skills exploration
A new service at ProAct in Eagan, Production Skills Exploration, allows individuals with disabilities to explore jobs in the production field. Working alongside production specialists on a competitive work floor, each is evaluated for work tolerance, task follow through, communication skills and overall performance. While earning minimum wage, the unique experience truly prepares people for the next step in their job exploration process, explains ProAct VP Kim Feller.
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Defining terms: CDCS
Consumer Directed Community Supports, CDCS, involve county funds held outside of the waiver which give individuals more flexibility in planning, and responsibility for directing their services and supports, including hiring and managing direct care staff. CDCS may include conventional goods and services as well as self-designed services which provide needed support to recipients.
Summertime reflections, action

ProAct's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee meets regularly to build awareness and engage with staff and supporters.
Next issue: ProAct "Boot Camp" teaches self-advocacy, work readiness
Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities coming soon
ProAct's employment and community integration efforts are normally evaluated every three years by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, CARF. Peer evaluators will thoroughly review ProAct's operation through online visits in the coming weeks and issue a report.
Red Wing staffer: encouraging abilities

"A lot of times, if they just try it, they can do it. And they know I don't expect them to finish anything. Just try. That's all I want."
Linda Linder, DSP, Production
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